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  • 2011
    Scion tC
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  • Nicholas Jackson
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  • Male
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  • White
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  • Student
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  • Nissan GT-R
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More About XBubbaBossX
On October 30th, 2010, my parents graciously bought me a brand new 2011 Scion tC. I didn't know much about cars at the time, but the first time I got behind the wheel and pushed down the throttle of my tC, it sparked an addiction. So far, I've only tinted my windows, put in 2 12" Memphis subs, and 6000k HID headlights, but that's just the beginning.
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XBubbaBossX's 2011 Scion tC

2011 Scion tC

  • Last updated: April 30, 2012
Car Details
  • Horsepower
  • 180
  • Torque
  • 173
  • Weight
  • 3025
  • Top Speed
  • 135 (I think)
Car Modifications
1 mods
• Injen Short Ram Intake
1 mods
• Tsudo S2 Catback Exhaust
Exterior Styling
2 mods
• 20% Tint
• DIY Shorty Antenna
1 mods
• 2 12" Memphis Subs
3 mods
• 6000k HID headlights
• Cool White LED Dome Lights
• Sound Sensitive Orange LED Strips
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Car Bio
Got it on October 30th, 2011. Has 12,000 miles on it as of March of '12. Grey with 20% tint, 2 12" Memphis subs, and 6000k HID headlights. That's all.... for now.

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  • hunter13sciontc2 @ Aug 07, 2014 9:29PM

    are you still loving the exhaust? I want to order it for my 2013 tc but wanted to ask to see how its going before I order it! some reviews I saw said that the exhaust burnt their bumper?! not sure if they set it up wrong or what but, does it get in your nerves while cruising say the interstate?

  • tC10series @ Jan 07, 2014 10:33AM

    Have you ever had any problems with your injen SRI throwing any CEL'S?

  • jebus_777 @ Jan 11, 2013 12:47PM

    Hey man nice tc! how do you like you Tsudo?

  • FRS_H4V0K @ Dec 25, 2012 9:02PM

    i can send you a high quality version of my "white tC sillhouette" with the black background if you want

  • fdw412 @ Jul 25, 2012 10:03AM

    Hey bro, hmu asap. If you're looking to drive an fr-s let me know. I know of an event coming soon that you CANNOT pass up

  • BrutalHoe @ Jun 22, 2012 1:42PM

    So if u gonna b driving that ninja 250 r u have a chance to see if u like it or not n if u really need 500cc crutch rocket. In the end it all boils down to what u want. We all can give cons n pros of smaller n bigger bikes but its ur choice we can only give u our opinion. If u think u can handle 500cc go for it brah just b careful

  • ScionAddict79 @ May 23, 2012 11:22PM

    thank you sir, good luck with whatever you choose to do!

  • ScionAddict79 @ May 23, 2012 11:28AM

    haha yeah i had some contemplation and thinking time today and decided to just go with the turbo, it would defeat the whole idea of parting out in exchange for something else
    id rather make my tc unique than an average stock car with power

  • ScionAddict79 @ May 22, 2012 9:40PM

    ummm idk, its an option, more than likely ill be stuck with the tc though

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