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  • 2007
    Scion tC
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  • BMW M3, Toyota Supra MKIV
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Vicious O5_TRD_tC
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2007 Scion tC

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Ride Details
Ride Modifications
2 mods
• Injen black CAI w/ the new Amsoil nano filter
• TRD Exhaust
2 mods
• DC Front Strut Tower Brace
• TRD Springs (Red)
1 mods
• Hawk Ceramic Performance Brake Pads
Exterior Styling
1 mods
• 35% Tint
Interior Styling
1 mods
• Broadway Wide View Mirror
3 mods
• 6000K HIDs
• LED parking and License plate light
• TYC LED tail lights
Alarms / Security
1 mods
• Clifford 50.5x Matrix 2-Way
2 mods
• K&N Oil Filter
• Mobil 1 5w-20 Full Synthetic
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Ride Bio
First brand new car that I bought in my life. And no regrets there so far. Proud to be able to buy this whole car all by myself. And no, there wasnt any help from my parents. Not 1 cent from my parents. Just sweat, blood, and tears.

Last Super White tC in the area. Luckily I nab it. Wouldn't want any other color. Maybe Black, but White is still sexier.
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