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    Scion tC
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2006 Scion tC

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• Wiesco dished pistons, Forged crankshaft for forced induction, turbo and intercooler, Manley valves and retainers,ACL Raceing main and rod bearings,Brian Crower stage 2 overhead cams,Manley H-Beam rods,cold air intake,SRS exhaust system, Lambo doors
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This car is my son and I's work of art. I bought this car used about a year ago and I just added a turbo to it because my son and I got tired of cars pulling up on the side of us revving there engines and wanting to race. Since then I went thru 3 engines and spun bearings like crazy. Well we just recently decided to just stop wasting money on just some rebuilt factory engines and just go ahead and rebuild the original engine with some top of the line internal parts. Well my son wanted to just go ahead and make the Scion show quality material while we was going to get after it anyways. So that being said we done everything ourselves on this car as for as the paint job and the engine rebuild. Thus for we have about $7,000 in this Scion Tc not counting what I paid for it originally and the blood and sweat but it's starting to come around. We also recently added a 2014 Scion Tc to mix up.
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