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  • 1995
    Nissan 240SX
  • 1991
    Nissan 240SX
  • 1986
    Nissan 300ZX
  • 2007
    Scion tC
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  • Name
  • Peter Yang
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  • Male
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  • Hmong
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  • 1+4=MOO
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  • Mall Employee...
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  • Cars, Computers, Gaming
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  • Toyota Supra MKIV
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More About TooCool_07
2007 Scion tC
5spd Manual Transmission

Pretty laid back. work full time, so i like to chill out when i'm off. The only thing that use to keep me busy was World of Warcraft, but since i quit playing it's been boring. Yup! it's been over 1 year and counting. i just recently started modding my tC to keep me busy, but the extra funding is hard to come by with all the bills i pay. i used to own a 1986 Nissan 300ZX Turbo. modded that from drag racing. with the increase of cops having more interest in street racing i had to sell it before they took it from me at my expense. bought the tC for cheap transportation until i saw ken gushi using it for drifting. WOOT! been a drift fan since before it came to the states. my bro and i went through and modded a S13 and S14. full on motor builds, full suspension builds, silvia conversion, KA24de turbo setup, SR20det swaps. those nissan had a lot of problems though. now i drive a tC and he drives a 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS.

"Work, work, work."
-Peon, Warcraft II
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2007 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • 160
  • Torque
  • 163
  • Weight
  • 2905
  • 1/4 Times
  • 15.7 @ 89.9mph
Ride Modifications
2 mods
• aFe Pro Dry S drop in filter
• Custom air duct from lower vent
1 mods
• Energy Suspension motor mounts
2 mods
• Tein H-Tech springs
• TRD rear sway bar
1 mods
• N1 style axle back
1 mods
• Dr Isotope radiator diverson plate
2 mods
• Rota Sub-Zero painted bronze
• TRD valve stem caps
Exterior Styling
21 mods
• Atezza tail lights with black housing
• Custom "Denso" decal on fender
• Custom "horde emblem" decal. x2 on wing, x1 on front bumper
• Custom "SR SCION RACING" decal on front bumper
• Custom "SR SCION RACING" decal on rear wind shield
• Custom "Tein" decal on side
• Custom "Tokico Gas Shocks" decal on side
• Custom "TRD" decal on rear bumper
• Custom "TRD" decal on side
• Custom 280ZX hood vents
• Custom Duck Bill Spoiler
• Hole plugs for removed stock lip spoiler
• Johnny Design black lower grill
• Johnny Design black upper grill
• Nin polyurethane canard
• Polyurethane lip kit
• Rain-X wheaterbeater wiper blade
• Smoked out mirroir signal lights
• Smoked out third brake light
• Tinted eye lids
• Wade inchannel window visors
2 mods
• LED strobe lights x2 front / x2 wing
• Proform shift light
2 mods
• Black rear Scion badge
• Caliper painted with GR2 red kit
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Ride Bio
Brand new with 2 miles
Flint Mica
5spd Manual Transmission

Dealership addon charges:
Lip spoiler
Pioneer audio player

My ideal setup:
Keeping the car modifications stock as possible for daily driving and to avoid and fix it tickets. That means absolutely no engine bay mods. The exterior is on its way to be styled to look like a nice track car. Keeping everything legal as possible.

Only engine mod is drop in aFe pro dry filter. which is undetectable! Might start doing some engine dress up, seeing how the exterior is almost done. Just need one large SR decal on my doors and a custom rear diffuser.

Decals: got them all off ebay from various sellers. most of the decals are modified to my liking (words, color, designs, etc.). so they are not original from what the seller was selling. hence, "custom".

Grills: both bottom and top are from Johnny Design. bought way back in 2007 when he first started making them. im looking to get the two bottom side grills too when i have the extra cash.

4CarOption: this is the ebay seller i buy most of my stuff from. for 2 reasons: 1)he's usually the cheapest; 2)he's local so i can pick up with shipping price lowered. here is a list of the things i bought from him:
GT Wing: made from abs plastic. 2 mounting widths. 3 way adjustable. cost $120.
Canards: made from polyurethane. x2 large. x2 small. fits the tc's curves nicely. cost $20
Lip Kit: made from polyurethane. 4 piece kit. don't know the name of the kit. didn't show one. cost $200.
Axel Back Exhaust: N1 style. press bent piping. cost $40.

Rims: rota subzero 18x7.5 silver. bought through a subaru forum, from a guy who drove a 2009 wrx. spray painted the rims bronze. finished them off with a set of ebay TRD valve stem caps.

Lighting: tail lights are from ebay. plug and play. LEDs are also from ebay. 3 rows (x4) in white with strobe controller. x2 are in the front lower side grills. x2 are on the top tip of the gt wing. strobes have x3 settings.

Suspension: both my TRD rear sway bar and my H-Tech springs were bought used from

Power: solid polyurethane mounts using only simple hand tools to install. couldn't stand the excess wheel hop after i lowered the car. aFe power pro dry drop in filter. with all the flashy stuff on the outside i didn't want a fix it ticket for any engine mods. so i went with a drop in filter and used a autozone intake flex hose to run fresh air from the front lower driver side vent up into the stock air box. the flex hose was 3" and just long enough to reach the air box. 3" was just the right size the fit into the vent hole by just bending it form fit with a plier.

Ask me if you have any questions about the mods i have. anything from how to, function, how it fit, where i got it, etc.

Thanks for looking.
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