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  • 2006
    Scion tC
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About T_O_22
  • Name
  • Tim Orr
  • Gender
  • Male
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  • Caucasian
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  • Customer Service
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  • Mitsubishi Lancer VIII, IX, or X, Suburu STI, Nissan GT-R, My car
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More About T_O_22
Whats up guys. Not much to say bout me. Pretty much here to meet new people and get ideas for mods for the tC.

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2006 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • 161 hp
  • Torque
  • 162 lb-ft
  • Weight
  • 2,905 lb
  • Top Speed
  • N/A
  • 1/4 Times
  • N/A
Ride Modifications
3 mods
• Fujita CAI (Black)
• K&N Air Filter
• NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs
3 mods
• TWM Bronzoil Shifter Cable Bushings
• TWM Shifter Base Bushings
• TWM Stage 2 Short Shifter 2.5"
2 mods
• Greddy Front Strut Bar
• Tein H-Spec Lowering Springs
1 mods
• EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads
Exterior Styling
5 mods
• New Paint Job (Same Color Silver)
• S2000 Shorty Antenna
• Top & Bottom Black Mesh Grill
• TRD Badge (For Grill)
• VRD Fog Lights
Interior Styling
1 mods
• TRD Leather Ball Shift Knob
3 mods
• MTX RE-Q5 Sound Processor
• Pioneer 4-Channel 400 Watt Amp
• Polk Momo 10" Sub Woofer
9 mods
• 3000K Slim HID Fog Lights
• 6000K Slim HID Headlights
• Red LED Parking Light
• White LED Ash Tray Light
• White LED Dome Light
• White LED License Plate Lights
• White LED Map Lights
• White LED Reverse Lights
• White LED Trunk/Cargo Light
1 mods
• Red Hella Horns
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Ride Bio
Brand new paint job (still silver), got all the scratches and dents out. Looks brand new. Painted 03/12/13 - 03/25/13 (Felt like forever) but did a awesome job.

Old Mods:
VVT-i DOHC Decals (With Red i)
VVT-i Badge (With Red i)
(Decided to shave the car)
Anzo LED Tail Lights (Black Housing)
(Went back to stock tail lamps)
8000k HID Headlight Bulbs
3000k HID Foglight Bulbs
(Bought my 6000k bulbs off ebay from seller
Autoluminate. Did some research, heard great
things about there items. Low price and awesome
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