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  • 2007
    Scion tC
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About StephsoSweet
  • Name
  • Stephanie "Sweetz"
  • Gender
  • Female
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  • White (Italian, German, Irish)
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  • Community College
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  • Customer Service
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  • my tC, Fitness, makin $$$
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  • tC, EVO, Subaru
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More About StephsoSweet
Hi guys, this is Stephanie, I'm 22.. also i'm the ditzy-dorky-blonde on here.. =P

Im usually ALWAYS on here, lol..I recently just bought my tC. July 13th of 09'. Im always driving, keepin a look out for a nicee modified tC, I have seen a few but none reallyy modified. :/
I bought my tC with MY money, not mommy or daddy. Everything that I put into this is all me..

I get lots of messages of every1 asking me where exactly I bought my custom parts, Just search online.

The story of how I decided to get my tC.. I've always like tCs (I liked how they looked, and you can do so much to them), and well my heart was set on a tC. So it was time for me to upgrade my car, and It was two days of car shopping. The first day, it was me and mom and nana, we went to like five car dealerships (all toyota), and they had NO TCS!! I was pissed, so anyways, that night I searched online, and a place in Orlando had them, they actually had three. They had a white,silver and black. I didnt get silver (everyone in fam has/had a silver car), and I just looked past the white tC.. and tada my tC with leather seats. Once I saw her, instant chain. I had to get her. :P Picked her up that day, and had a nice hour drive home <33!!

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2007 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • 160ish
Ride Modifications
1 mods
• Injen CAI polished
2 mods
• 17" Azul speedstars, blk w/polished lip
• Pink calipers
Exterior Styling
8 mods
• Carbon Fiber B pillar applique
• decal
• Debadged tC emblem
• Pedestal Spoiler
• Pink grille
• Pink pinstripe
• Power agency~Shorty Antenna
• WIDE pink license plate frame
Interior Styling
10 mods
• Custom dark Leather
• Hello Kitty Gauges
• Hello kitty headrests
• Leather and rhinestones, shift knob
• Mengmotorsports cubby panel "SCION"
• OBX Sport pedals
• Pink console
• Pink door panels/ Will be changed
• Pink Interior pieces
• Pink visors
2 mods
• 16G Ipod nano
• Magellan GPS
1 mods
• White w/pink needles. [05_TRD_tC]
6 mods
• #74 Super white bulb, Cubby
• 8K HID's
• LED altezza tail lights
• LedGlow - Pink Underglow
• OEM fog lights
• V-Leds 194 Bulb, License plate
1 mods
1 mods
• Royal Purple
2 mods
• Injen decal
• Space Coast Scikotics decal
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Ride Bio

2007' tC, bought in Orlando Florida. Bought w/ 48K miles, automatic..

Mods to come:
- Coilovers
- HKS hi power exhaust
- Weathertech vent visors

Coming soon:
- 5% tint

Daily driven, just want my tC sittin cute and lookin pretty <3

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