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    Scion tC
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  • Tom H
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  • Male
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  • White
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  • Gas Co Energy Technician
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  • Paintball, Spending Money on my Tc
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  • 1967 Shelby GT 500 (Mustang)
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More About SoCalRegulator
Used to love DRIVING FAST in my tC but I have got sooooo many tickets now I drive like a grandma. Love the money I save on gas now though.

Ticket 1: 72 in 55
Ticket 2: 83 in 55
Ticket 3: 94 in 55 and was let go for the racing
Ticket 4-11: All these were fix-it tix that I got in one month a bunch of bs that was
Ticket 12: 75 in 65 (WTF come on w/ this shit)
Ticket 13: Clear Plate Covers (fix-it) all I have to say is WOW cops are really boared
Ticket 14: 80 in 55
Ticket 15: 80 in 60 (ticket 14&15 were 1 week apart)
Ticket 16: 72 in 45 (damn I was doing soo good!)
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2007 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • ???
  • Torque
  • ???
  • Weight
  • ???
  • 1/4 Times
  • ???
Ride Modifications
2 mods
• Raceland Coils
• Suspension Tech Front/Rear Sway Bars
2 mods
• EBC Slotted Rotors
• Red Stuff Break Pads
2 mods
• Falken FK452 - 225/45/17
• Painted Stock Rims Flat Black
Exterior Styling
8 mods
• 15% Rear Window Tint
• Genuine S2K Antenna
• PTuning License Plate Bracket
• Smoked 3rd Tail/Full LED Mod
• Tinted 07 Tails
• VRD Black Grills
• VRD/APT Fogs lights
• Wheather Tech Plate Covers
10 mods
• 528T pulse Timer Relay Perminate Bypass for HU
• Alpine MRP-F600 100W x 4 Multi Channel Power Amp
• Alpine MRP-M1000 1000 watts
• eD Sub Box
• Infinity Kappa 50.9cs 5-1/4" 2-way Component System
• PAC SWI-PS Steering Wheel Control Interface
• Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD
• Pioneer CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter
• Rockford Fosgate RFK4D Dual Amplifier Wiring Kit
• SQ 10 - 2ohm sub
2 mods
• LED Swap for Spedo & HVAC - 05_TRD_tC
• White Needles
4 mods
• 6k Fog Light HIDs
• 6k Headlight HIDs
• White Interior LEDs(Domes, etc....)
• White License Plate LEDs
1 mods
• Optima YellowTop Deep-Cycle Battery
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Ride Bio
In the works '07 Tc:


Waiting to be Installed:

-Re-Installing my HIDs
-LED set-up for Kami kit

In the process of Shipping(YAY):

Old MODs on this Car:

-JDM Halos(POS waste of $$$)
-Jdm LED tails(still use(dont want another ticket)
-JDM Fogs(looked good but fogged up like crazy)
-Weapon R SRI
-Tint on front windows(too many tickets for it so dont want to have it on anymore)
-2x 12" Pioneer CVR Subs
-2x 10" Alpine RD subs
-Blue Interior LEDs
-Glow Guages(pure crap dont buy)
-10k HIDs for headlights
-Custom Blue HIDs for Fog Lights(too many tickets, but looked bad ass)
-Pioneer AVH-P 4000 HU
-APT Fogs
-VRD Grills
-PTuning LP Bracket

Stuff I am selling:
-Weapon R SRI
-PTuning License Plate Bracket
-MOMO Shift Knob
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