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  • 2006
    Scion tC
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  • sci speed
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  • Male
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  • scion
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  • speed store
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i am a down to earth guy who loever scions. i am going out with Dayngirous on this forum and love her to death :). i now own an online scion parts site called hope to see everyone there
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2006 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • 170
  • Torque
  • 179
  • Weight
  • 3900
  • 1/4 Times
  • n/a
Ride Modifications
3 mods
• Apex-i AFC NEO
• custom apex-i N1 exaust 2.5"
• injen cold air polished
1 mods
• TRD red lowering springs
3 mods
• ATE slotted rotors
• blue painted calipers
• pro ceramic race pads
1 mods
• HPD poison cooldowns 18"X7.5" wheels
Exterior Styling
9 mods
• 15% tint rear sides
• 5% tint rear
• badge-less upper grill
• custom blacked out headlights with clear corners
• custom blue mirror turn signals
• custom blue mirror turn signals
• fusion 7 color underflow kit
• fusion 7 color underflow kit
• illuminated upper front grill
Interior Styling
3 mods
• obx shift knob
• painted interior trim flintmica
• sparco 4 point race harness
6 mods
• 2x 12" audiopipe i pipes
• alpine head unit
• crunch 1000w max x2
• crunch 800w max x4
• custom fiberglass box
• false floor with recessed amps
2 mods
• Royal Purple 5w-30
• Royal Purple Max ATF
2 mods
• Push Button Start
• trd radiator cap
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Ride Bio
my car is going to be an all motor all show car. i have lots done to it, but it is to late to say them now will type them in later.
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