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    Acura RSX
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    Chevrolet Corvette
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    Scion tC
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  • Michael or Mike
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  • Male
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  • Caucasian/Spanish
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  • Bachelor's Degree Business Admin. Suma Cum Laude, MA in IT
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  • session guitarist/music management/self-employed
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  • Cars, surfing (when I get the chance), playing guitar (37 years now, 25+ as a session guitarist), women, cooking, listening to music both new and old, my grandkids and kids, animals, volunteering, concert-going, and more!
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  • Lambo Miura and Gallardo, L-88 Vette, any Ferrari with 12 cylinders, Audi R8 GT and droptop (both 2011), BMW M3, Lexus IS-F, many more...
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About the car: it's an '08 NBM Tc, see mods. Great gas mileage and the 20c per gallon I save now by using regular gas!
The std. features blow my mind! Cruise, a/c, great stereo, power (one touch) windows, remote locking, power locks and mirrors, TWO sunroofs, full glass top, power 4 wheel discs and pwr steering, dohc engine, 9 airbags, ipod/bluetooth capable, tire pressure monitor (!), outside thermometer, halogens, 60/40 split rear seat, 3 rear headrests, all 5 adjustable (front and back), tilt steering wheel, remote fuel filler door, TWO trip odometers, great quality materials and ergonomics (which are horrible for the new one in 2011, they look like they were sourced from a GM bin) superior fit and finish, all for a $17K base. I have maybe $25K in it, but still, NO ONE can beat it!

Gripes?: no remote hatch release nor rear wiper/washer, but that is small stuff


The Guitars:
Upper Right: Takamine 12-string (great tone for a cheap axe)
To its left: Fender Dobro acoustic/electric (great when playing slide!)semi-hollow body
Bottom Left: Schecter Telecaster (the red one)this axe is worth 3K now, paid $800 in '86
Middle Bottom: Yamaha Tobacco Sunburst semi-hollow-body electric
Right Bottom: Guild Songbird semi-hollow body acoustic/electric another: paid $150, worth $7K now

Not shown in group pic:

Ovation 12 string acoustic/electric ($250 and like NEW!)
Gibson J-180 acoustic jumbo (Everly Brothers/Keith Richards played these, mine is on loan)
Fender Strat EF pearl white, MOP binding and fretboard inlay

sold the white Takamine, made $100. lol


My sponsors:

Vivid Racing, Chandler, AZ, (the BEST tuning shop IMO in the Phoenix area). If you are here and want more info, PM me, they do all kinds of mods, both drivetrain, cosmetic, and otherwise, and are reasonable,(relatively).

Other sponsors:

My checkbook.


Probable remaining mods:

8000K blue halogen low-beams

Super yellow for turn signals and mirror lights or superwhites

Superwhite Sylvania high beams (those trips back from Roosevelt Lake at night on hwy 87 are pretty dark.)

Smoke-tinting my "Scion" and Tc" badges

full-width red CHMSL

possible footwell led lighting in blue


Mods are pretty much done. I have comfort, power and looks and I am completely legal. All I really need to do is the above, and that is piece-meal work. If I were to do anything BIG it will be a cf hood with the reverse vent right now...

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2008 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • app 180 at crank
  • Torque
  • app 182 lb/ft
  • Weight
  • 2865lbs at curb
  • Top Speed
  • 130mph indicated
  • 1/4 Times
  • 60 in 6.4 q/m in 14.6@96
Ride Modifications
3 mods
• Agency Power lightweight pulley
• Injen chrome shorty ram CAI
• Magnaflow cat back stainless steel exhaust
2 mods
• ACT HDST Street Clutch Assy.
• Quaife ATB Helical LSD
2 mods
• TRD front strut brace
• TRD rear sway bar
1 mods
• 4 Hawk street pads
1 mods
• Drag DR-19's black w/polished lip 17" with locks
Exterior Styling
10 mods
• "club scion" sticker on rear window
• Agency Power Universal Shorty Antenna
• carbon fiber Tc b-pillars
• legal tint front, limo tint back, back sides, roof
• mud flaps
• Nautical Blue Metallic (disc 9/07:RARE for '08s)
• rear lip spoiler
• Scion rear bumper applique
• smoked eyebrows
• VVT-i emblem on front grille
Interior Styling
8 mods
• cargo net and mat, 2 way mats
• charcoal dashmat
• OBX pedals
• Razo "grip" grey shift knob
• Razo Tc dead pedal
• removed back seat/custom carpet w/snaps
• seats, headrests and console sheepskins by Rocky Mtn. Sheepskins in charcoal
• TRD leather steering wheel w/stereo/ipod controls
2 mods
• 80GB Gen 5 iPod classic w/12900 songs (so far: 35.9 days, 72.3 Gb used) almost full!
• factory bazooka subwoofer
2 mods
• Motul Synergic 10-40W synthetic oil
• Motul transaxle oil
3 mods
• blue 1/32 scale Tc model (in car) LOL
• Scion Security system
• Valentine One Radar/Laser detector
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Ride Bio
Looked at other cars in the Tc's price range, and for the price, no one could compare. Things I like: quality of fit and finish, the two sunroofs, the color, the many standard features (including for '08, halogens and the Bazooka subwoofer though it's under the floor). Things I wish it had: remote hatch release and a rear wiper/washer. Purchased 7/17/07 as one of the 1st '08's. My color (NBM) was discontinued 9/1/07, so whoever has an NBM '08, we have a rare one! Haven't done too many mods, want to keep it a sleeper so engine upgrades are the priority and are pretty much done.I have knocked a full second off the quarter mile!

Think I am about done w/mods, header would void my warranty, and HIDs are a mess. Will just update the bulbs when the time comes. Had it almost 3 years now and still dig it. It gives me what I want. Great little fun car. Too bad the upcoming 2011 is so butt ugly, oh well, Honda (with tuning by Spoon) CRZ in 2012 here I come!

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