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  • 2006
    Scion tC
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About rowdy_civics
  • Name
  • Devin -- Rowdy
  • Gender
  • Male
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  • Installer in The 12volt Nature
  • Interests
  • Building My Scion
  • Favorite Car
  • TC!!
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More About rowdy_civics
IM BACK :P doin motor now show is done for the most part except the seats but hell i can sit in the ones i got now so screw it :P lol if yall need any wiring or electrical problems with the scion lemme know is what i do :D
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2006 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • Stock
  • Torque
  • Stock
  • Weight
  • To Fucking Heavy
  • 1/4 Times
  • Sometime?
Ride Modifications
1 mods
• Exhaust
1 mods
• Tein Springs S Techs
2 mods
• Black Painted Calipers
• Tc On Calipers
2 mods
• Ruff Racing
• Wheels Painted Super White to Color Match the car
Exterior Styling
12 mods
• 2 sets of OptX Neon Blue under the car
• 3 Neons Blue Bars in Front Grill
• Blacked out Headlights
• Blacked out Sidemirror lights
• Blacked out Taillights
• Front hood painted black on body line of the hood not whole hood
• Lambo Doors
• Raven Dragon Body kit
• Rear Difuser Painted Black
• Rear hatch Painted Black
• Shorty Antenna
• Tint Sooo u cant see me :)
Interior Styling
14 mods
• Blue LED Dome Lights
• Blue LED Gauge Lights
• Blue LED in AirVents
• Blue LED in CupHolders
• Blue LED in Seatbelt (B pillar)
• Blue LED in Speaker Grills
• Blue LED Map Lights
• Blue LED'S Under Door Panel
• Blue Neons Underdash
• Blue Neons underseats
• Painted Gauge Cluster
• Painted Steering Wheel
• Painted Waterfall Super White
• Suede Headliner A, B, C, Columns
9 mods
• 2 Pioneer Tv's in the trunk
• D1 Pioneer Double Din Head Unit
• HeadRest Monitors 7inch
• JL AUDIO 12W7's x2
• JL Audio 6.5 VR's Rear
• JL AUDIO HD 600.4 Highs/Mids
• JL AUDIO HD 750.1 Per Sub x2
• JL AUDIO ZR's 6.5's Front
• Playstation 2 in Glove box
Alarms / Security
2 mods
• 529T UP AND DOWN Windows from remote
• Viper791XV
4 mods
• 8k Hids Low Beams
• Debadged Car.
• HID 8k High Beams
• Strobes (Headlights)
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Ride Bio
SHOW CAR ... in the making :D was now motor :P new headunit commming by the end of the week yay pioneer 4200 no more d1 from 2004 lol
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