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  • 2006
    Scion tC
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About rhythmnsmoke
  • Name
  • Travis V.
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Ethnicity
  • African American
  • Education
  • Bachelor of Science
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  • Network Engineer
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2006 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • 326whp (Dyno Dyn
  • Torque
  • 320wtq (Dyno Dyn
  • Weight
  • 2550lbs
  • Top Speed
  • 147-150mph
  • 1/4 Times
  • 13.5 @ 109mph /untuned (old kit)
Ride Modifications
1 mods
• Stock
Forced Induction
5 mods
• 326whp/320wtq PTuning Dyno
• 700cc DeatschWerks injectors
• Dual BB GT3076R w/ Tial SS Housing
• Emanage Ultimate
• PTuning Spec RS kit
5 mods
• CC Lightweight flywheel
• Energy Suspension Motor Mounts
• TRD clutch
• TWM Stg 2 short throw shifter
1 mods
• Tein SS Coilovers
2 mods
• EBC pads
• Power slot X-Drilled rotors
1 mods
• PTuning 3" V1 exhaust
Exterior Styling
5 mods
• 20% windo tint
• APR front splitter
• ATI Carbon Fiber hood
• Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber fenders
• Chris Rado's old APR GT200 wing
Interior Styling
1 mods
• Gutted
1 mods
• Stock
5 mods
• AEM Wideband
• Defi Boost
• Defi EGT
• Defi-Link Control Unit II
• HKS turbo timer
1 mods
• Redline Gear oil
Vehicle Pictures
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Ride Bio
Went from stock to what it is today with hard work from my own two hands and help of friends/family. Old turbo kit was a ZPI stg 1. Started with a 16G turbo, all my Youtube vids were races when I had my 16G. I revamped the system and upgraded the turbo to a 20G for a short while, and then sold the kit. Sold the kit to make room for the new PTuning turbo kit I have not bought yet. Coming soon...GT3076R.

Kill List On the streets (with old turbo setup)

- Evo
- Procharged 2006 Mustang GT (440whp)
- 240sx (RB20 swap)
- SRT4
- S2k
- 350z

Kill List on the race track (while using stock HP)

- Z06
- Corvette
- S2k
- 2010/2011 Mustang GT
- Roush S/C Mustang GT
- Miata's
- Civic's
- 2010 Viper

Stay current with me and check out my latest Race vids:

Search for me on FaceBook: Travis Voorhies
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