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  • 2006
    Scion tC
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  • Hispanic
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  • Street ninja
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Typical red blooded american.
I love it all, the good the bad the clean the filth, porn and family movies, women and foreign girls. Some people accuse me of being the antichrist, but damn them all to hell! Dont they understand the barcode i want them to tatto on the back of their neck is just
so i can identify them!..sheesh
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2006 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • ??
  • Torque
  • ??
  • Weight
  • stock
Ride Modifications
6 mods
• 2.75 C.A.I
• Alphawerks header
• CC Insert
• Invidia 2.5 S-pipe
• TB bypass mod
• Tsudo N1 cat back exhaust
3 mods
• Fidanza short shifter
• Ingalls ETD
• P Tech rear sway bar
Exterior Styling
4 mods
• Carbon fiber pillars
• OEM lip spoiler
• Painted calipers
• Perrin shorty antenna
Interior Styling
3 mods
• Brushed aluminum door sills
• Greddy counter weighted knob
• Push start button
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Ride Bio
Engine Type: 2AZ-FE


Brakes: stock

Tires: stock

Wheels: stock

Suspension: progress tech rear sway bar.

Engine: Weapon R SRI with cold air routed to it.
Alphawerks 4 to 1 header.
Invida S pipe.
Tsudo N1 extreme Cat back with resonated velocity stack mod.
Ingalls ETD.
TB bypass mod.

carbon fiber pillars.
lip spoiler.
Perrin antena.

Nes air freshener???.
Push start button.
Fidanza S shifter.
Greddy counter weighted knob.

JBL GT 600,12" bobo square sub

My Sponsors:
Anyone please!!!

Future Mods:
Progress springs,IAP camber kit,HKS super AFR(all awaiting install)
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