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    Scion tC
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2006 Scion tC

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Ride Details
Ride Modifications
1 mods
• Injen CAI Intake(can convert to SR)
6 mods
• Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs
• Greddy front strut bar
• Ingalls 4 point rear strut brace
• Ingalls front camber bolts for proper alignment
• Progress rear sway bar with Endlinks
• Tokico blue struts
1 mods
• Still stock but want to get slotted rotors or a big brake kit
1 mods
• TRD Exhaust
3 mods
• Grey Anthracite plastidip
• 18 x 8 35 Offset TSW Wheels
• 225/40/18 Nexen N3000 Tires
Exterior Styling
11 mods
• Authentic red Anzo Tailights
• Debadged
• Full RS1 Lip kit from RacingSolution
• Honda S2K Short antenna
• I want Retrofitted headlights
• Meng 6000K Fog Lights
• Meng 6000K HID Bulbs in fog lights
• Meng 8000K Low Beams
• Meng super white LED in license plate
• Rear spoiler
• RS4 bottom grill
Interior Styling
3 mods
• Custom wired super white LEDs under dash board that are controlled by domes
• Meng super white LED in all dome lights
• Meng super white LED in cubby and shifter light
1 mods
• 5w-30 Mobil 1 Full synthetic
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Ride Bio
Still to MOD:
Badge less front grill(done)
RS3 Front insert(Not going to mod)
Anzos rear tail lights(done)
Full third brake light
20% tint all around(next week)
RS1 Full lip kip(done)
Racing pedals
Retro fitted headlights(trying to buy a set)

Probably going to be a while but i also want to mod:
Dezod green header
S-pipe and mid pipe
Racing seats
Audio make over
New paint
Big brake kit with slotted rotors
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