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  • 2007
    Scion tC
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About luuserface
  • Name
  • Michael Luu
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Ethnicity
  • Asian
  • Education
  • College Student @ UCR
  • Interests
  • Snowboarding/surfing/scion-ing
  • Favorite Car
  • Audi R8 and Lexus LFA
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2007 Scion tC

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Ride Details
Ride Modifications
1 mods
• Raceland Short Ram Intake
1 mods
• Raceland Coilovers
2 mods
• Borla Exhaust w/ OEM tip (used to)
• Tanabe Concept G Axleback
3 mods
• Anodized Purple Extended Lugs
• Drag dr-31 Gunmetal 17x9+28
• Tenzo Type-M V1 18x8 et37 (not anymore!)
Exterior Styling
6 mods
• 30% Tints (I think)
• FG Eyelid
• Front Emblem Painted BSP with "Ghosted" House of Kolors Blue Flake
• RS1 Front Lip
• sk2 antenna
• WeatherTechs Window Visors (stolen -_-)
Interior Styling
1 mods
• 2 tone BSP/GGM Interior Pieces
5 mods
• 6k mobileHID
• LED swap for map/dome/license
• Tinted TBL to match TYCs
• TintedTYCs
• VRD fogs w/ Nokya Hyper Yellows
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