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  • 2007
    Scion tC
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About LiLee
  • Name
  • Julie Douangmala
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  • Female
  • Ethnicity
  • OMG i'M ASiAN [Laotian]
  • Occupation
  • I Protect Those,Who Protect Us
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  • Toyota Supra Mark III
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More About LiLee
Feel free to rape my privacy. (: I do not have a private profile because I am not ashamed of anything. By all means, stalk me.

Hi. I'm Julie. Old enough to know, too young to care.
Send me no flowers, candy is better.

I am 5 feet 2 inches and mostly legs.
I'm definitely a Winter baby.
I've worn glasses since I've gotten my license.
I am a night owl.
I will never seek your approval.
My disfavor to drugs, especially smokes are well known.
Some kind words. Some small gestures.
Thank you for the recognition but your words remain disregarded.
And I have the tendency to sleep on the left side of the bed.

And by the way, I am so far from perfect its ridiculous.
I still get ID'd at convenient stores; I finally wear a size 1.
I'm still learning to drive my own car.
I'll probably always believe my parents are my heroes.
Friends and family are most important to me.
I fear rubber balloons and mirrors.

I place all my faith in nothing but life itself. And yeah, your boyfriend probably did like me at one point or another.
Don't mess with me unless you're wishing for death.
I've never been so turned on until I discovered chocolate covered gummy bears.

I am more likely to play video games than have sex.
To be honest, I like walking around in my underwear.
I'm still afraid of the dark and I get along better with the boys.

Guys aren't my priority unless you can hang like mine.
I don't pay attention to you unless you address me.
Don't pat my head.
I'm happy when men cries.

I cant do algebra and I still count with my fingers. And my worst offence is my singing. Yes. I am a mean mean girl.
A girl should be able to make a guy smile without taking her shirt off.
Last and never the less, pain changes people.
Trust me, I don't think I'm amazing either.


[note: please tell me who you are, or i shall deny your request]

Xbox Live: koiface
Instagram: _lilee_

Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest. ♥
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2007 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • 161hp at 6,000 R
  • Torque
  • 162 lb.-ft at 4,
  • Weight
  • 2,970 lbs.
Ride Modifications
2 mods
• DME Front Strut Bar
• Tein High.Techs Lowering Springs
Exterior Styling
9 mods
• 2007 Euro Tail Lights (TYC)
• 6K H.I.D Kit
• LED License Plate (white)
• LED Parking Lights (white)
• OEM Carbon Fiber B-Pillar
• OEM Fog Lights
• OEM Ground Effects Body Kit (040)
• OEM Spoiler Lip (040)
• Shorty Atennae (thanks to Du)
Interior Styling
6 mods
• LED Cubby Light (white)
• LED Door Switches (white)
• LED Gauge Swaps (white & blue)
• LED Maps & Door Lights (white)
• LED Steering Wheel Control (white)
• Sport Pedal Covers - AT
3 mods
• Bazooka VSE 10" Subwoofer
• LED Radio Swaps (white, blue & grey) by Meng Motorsports
• OEM Pioneer Color Changing Ipod Capability Radio
1 mods
• Interior Lighting Kit (blue)
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Scion rides and Scion tC rides
Ride Bio
x HVACs LED Swaps
x Sport "tC" Dead Pedal Cover
... HID Kit
... HIDs for Fog Lights
- LED: Parking, Map, Shifter, Reverse, Back
- Tint windows: 22% - 35% (Maybe)
- Vent Visors
- Scion 4 pc Floormats
... Full Third Brake Light
- Progress or TRD Rear Sway Bar
- Nice Shoes
(Rota Grids/Volk TE37/Volk Racing TE37SL..)
- Illuminated Door Sill or Regular w/ tC logo

x = marked and to be installed

stop the adding! T_T...

Best Mostly Stock

May 19, 2012 - Cover Page of CStC ♥
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