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  • 2005
    Scion tC
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About JBoy510
  • Name
  • Jay
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Ethnicity
  • Filipino
  • Education
  • NCP College of Nursing
  • Occupation
  • Combat Medic US Army
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  • what ever is fun, mostly riding my motorcycle and a whole lot of airsoft playing
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  • MClaren F1 LM
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Not much to my life. Not writing a book about it or anything.
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2005 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • about 157.4 i th
  • Torque
  • 147.6 probably l
  • Weight
  • about 46480.0 ou
  • 1/4 Times
  • 15.32
Ride Modifications
5 mods
• Greddy Evo 2 axleback
• K2 Motor CAI
• Tsudo mid-pipe
• ZPI crank pulley
• ZPI s-pipe
2 mods
• TRD ball shiftknob
• TWM Stage 2 short shifter
5 mods
• DC front strut bar
• Goldline Springs
• Hotchkis rear camber kit
• Ingalls "stiffy" ETD
• Ingalls EZ Cam front camber kit
2 mods
• Bronze stocks
• Falken ZE912 (These SUCK)
Exterior Styling
7 mods
• 35% Window Tint Fronts
• 5% Window tint rear
• KYO Headlight Harnesses (so the stock connectors wont burn)
• Nokya Stage II Arctic White bulbs
• Oznium red TBL
• S2K antenna
• UTR decals
Interior Styling
4 mods
• Blue/White gauges and HVAC by Trung (SquallLHeart)
• Broadway mirror
• ClubSciontC Decal
• Gutted rear interior
2 mods
• RedLine MT90 tranny fluid
• Royal Purple synthetic oil
2 mods
• Hand polished vavle cover
• ZPI air diversion panel w/ ClubSciontC decal
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Ride Bio
My car is an 06 and all i want is to run consistent mid 13's on the 1/4 mile. Not too much to ask right?

Shout Outs:
my crew UTR and all the Scion family.

Future Mods:
Dezod turbo kit, Quaife/TRD LSD, Clutchmasters stage 3 and lightweight flywheel, Hotchkis sway bar, Greddy rear strut bar, some 5 spoke rims, lip kit, blue pearl added to stock paint.
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