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    Scion tC
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  • Francisco Esquer
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  • Male
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  • Hispanic
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  • Aerospace Engineer
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  • My Scion duh. . . although I would take a Viper
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More About fesquer
I've had my tC since Oct 2007, bought it brand new and am about to put on Lambo doors and a remote starter on it. Two projects I am doing myself both for the first time . . . We'll see how it goes. Any advice is always appreciated.

UPDATE . . . So Ive been in Spain the last couple of months away from my Tc :(. The kit I got for the Lambo doors was shit so I had to take them back and thus they never got done. Anyways, waiting to get home and play with my car.

UPDATE II . . Back from Spain for a little, might be heading out to Cali next. We'll see where I end up. For the time being though I am getting an Injen CAI (props to CarCandy) and hopefully putting it on this weekend.

Got the Injen intake on. Found my theme. What does everyone think?

Next Mods:
Strup Header
Megan S-pipe
Lightweight Crank Pulley.
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2007 Scion tC

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• Injen CAI
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First Mod: Injen Intake Courtesy of CarCandy
Next Up:
Paint engine cover (start theme)
Paint Calipers

Pics to come soon.
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