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  • 1999
    Subaru Legacy
  • 2008
    Ford Mustang
  • 1994
    Honda Civic
  • 2007
    Scion tC
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  • Name
  • Dynasty tC
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  • Male
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  • Puerto Roc
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  • Grand National Buick Intercooler/Supra Twin_Turbo/90-95 Civic/1983 AE86 Corolla or 1.8/Skyline GTR R33 or R34/ ZR1 Vette 2009__ A Beast__
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2007 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • d0nT
  • Torque
  • y0u
  • Weight
  • waNNa
  • 1/4 Times
  • kn0w
Ride Modifications
3 mods
• Bosch Platinum Ir Fusion
• TRD Axle-back Had been change into
• Weapon R short ram with ram air kit stage II
1 mods
• Tein S. Lower Spring
2 mods
• Hawk High Performace Pads
• Paint Caliper Red With Logo tC
1 mods
• Front Stock Rim with Rear Zen Rim (17*) with Nexen 5000 tire
Exterior Styling
13 mods
• Custom 3rd Brake Light
• Custom Antenna
• Custom Foglights NO MORE VRD Fogs 3000k H.I.D
• Custom Glossy Grills
• Custom Paint Side Corner Headlight
• Custom Taillight L.E.D.
• Decal tC Carbon Fiber Gas Door
• Demon Eyelip
• Front Turning Signal Clear When Is On Is Orange
• G35 Spoiler
• H.I.D 8000k
• L.E.D Back up light
• White Angel Eyes
Interior Styling
3 mods
• Black and Silver Center Console
• Black Ice Air Fresher
• Puerto Rican Hanging Flag
3 mods
• Jensen VM9022 Radio
• Rear Bose Speakers Front Clarion Speakers
• Tweeter Bose
1 mods
• Castrol Syntec
4 mods
• Giants NY Decal
• JDM Finger Badage
• Paint Scion Logo Rear
• VVTi Decal
Vehicle Pictures
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Ride Bio
Color-Black Sand Pearl
HAD 11 miles- Now 2 much
2.4 Liter Camary Engine
Made in Japan

Had taking out the megan header and the hi ti exhaust
I wanna have my ear sound back LOL
Had fun with them......

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