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  • 2009
    Scion tC
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  • Invictus09
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  • Female
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  • Caucasian
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  • Cars/trucks, atvs, camping, & mudding.
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  • American Muscle
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More About CrimsonTrace
I bought my 09 Scion tC two years ago brand new and stock and have been dropping my money into it ever since. I am now officially the 7th tC from North Dakota (a state in the U.S for those who dont know) on Club Scion tC! Will post pics of lighting when my car thaws out lol. Hopefully before May....
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2009 Scion tC

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Ride Details
Ride Modifications
1 mods
• Drag Rims
Exterior Styling
7 mods
• Black Powdercoated Grille
• Kaminari Rear Fascia
• Kaminari Side Skirts
• RS1 Front Lip
• RS1 Side Skirts
• Shorty Antenna
• Spoiler
Interior Styling
2 mods
• Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
• MOMO Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
8 mods
• 6000K Fog Lights
• 6000K HID High Beams
• 6000K HID Low Beams
• Blue Dome Lights
• CC Purple Front Grill Lights
• Fog Lights
• Purple Interior Lighting
• Super White Running Lights
Alarms / Security
1 mods
• Viper
1 mods
• Black Hood/Lower Rear Fascia
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