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  • 2007
    Scion tC
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  • Jasmine Garnica
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  • White
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  • All terrain (lol)
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  • Anything i can pack in my brain
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  • 07 scion tc
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Id rather not get into it my life or my past life i call it .
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2007 Scion tC

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Original owner had it it Was tricked out dropped modded it installed c- pillar bar removed all extra weight for inside cab except system. 5. Point harness the works some asshole decided he wanted it and tried to steal it ha lol good frickin luck so ended up haveing to remove it on a flat bed and tore it up trying to get it startd couldnt of course and decided to strip anything off it that he wanted that was aftermarket that was worth anything and left it guy got it back went salvaged title guy put it in his yard and let grass encase it the dude i bought it from seen it and bought it as was but with the seats and stuff dude removed and had it for 2 weeks just long enough to get it to run it didnt even have a stearing column when he got it and wired all kinds of crazy so i checked it out noticed ifnition wire ran theoufh firewall with fan the cv joint inne tie rod shot and a sensor had to be unplugged or itd shock you he had just the basics connected he sisnt think id look and know what i was looking at huh little did he know so he was gonna wanna take it and fix it more over the week and i could get it for the price he was asking wjen he was done no frickin way was he gonna rig it more and pay full price so i aaid nah im good i got this and so far ive put alot of time and attention into this car suspension done wireing done got everytbing working except sunroof got one just havent put it in and there is not one day that this car has not started for me strong and it sound beautifl only thng that was there was the exhaust system headers and such but it sounds fuckin beautiful and takes corners like a dream everything has been done souly by myself and im very proud of my car still have work to go but love working on it regardless gas runs in my families veins
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