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  • 2007
    Scion tC
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About Charliebthomas
  • Name
  • Charlie Thomas
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Ethnicity
  • White/Iranian
  • Education
  • Current College Student
  • Occupation
  • College Student
  • Interests
  • Hunting, Fishing, Shootin my guns, Video games, tweaking things in my 07 scion tC
  • Favorite Car
  • Im happy with the one that I have now
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2007 Scion tC

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Ride Details
  • Horsepower
  • Over Stock
  • Torque
  • Over Stock
  • Weight
  • 3000+/-60
  • Top Speed
  • 135 i think
  • 1/4 Times
  • 16.063
Ride Modifications
2 mods
• Agency Power Lightened Crank Pulley
• Fujita F5 CAI
3 mods
• B&M Short Throw Shifter
• Energy suspension transmission mount bushings
• NST Shifter cable bushings
3 mods
• Energy Suspension Motor Mounts
• TRD Front Strut Brace
• TRD Lowering Springs
1 mods
• Painted front OEM brake calipers red
2 mods
• 20% antifreeze, 80% water
• Red line water wetter
2 mods
• 18 inch Chrome Rims
• kumho tires
Exterior Styling
2 mods
• spray tint on brake lights
• VRD badgeless grill
4 mods
• 1000 watt Kenwood amp (KAC-7252)
• 2 Memphis 12s (15-PR12D4V2)
• headphone jack for itouch
• Kenwood DDX-514
Electronics / ICE
1 mods
• Custom ground points
4 mods
• After market fog light housings
• DDM Tuning 35W 8000K low beams
• DDM Tuning 55W 8000K HiDs for fog lights
• Red Ozinuim demon eyes
Alarms / Security
2 mods
• Sig Sauer p238 for idiots who want to rob me
• Viper 3303 Alarm System
2 mods
• Royal Purple 5w 20
• Royal Purple 75w-90 Transmission Oil
2 mods
• 20% tint in front windows and 5% in back windows
• 5% tint strip on windsheild
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Ride Bio
I first bought this car in december 09. I traded in my old 93 corolla hatchback in for it. i bought this manual 2007 Scion tC for 12,500 final price. I love this car. Nothing has gone wrong with it and it rides great! Not to mention it jumps like a rabbit. It's no drag racer but for the price, its a pretty quick little car. Anyways the first thing that I did was put my 8000k HiDs i had in my old car in it. next i put was two memphis 12s in. They are powered by a 1000 watt Kenwood amp(this was in the old car as well). I wired it to the stock CD player. The next thing that I did was put scion in red letters on the wind deflector. After that I changed the oil to Royal Purple, even though the dealership told me that it would void my engine warranty. next i bought fog light housings and HiDs for them and installed them, which was a bitch in a half. After that I bought a Kenwood DDX-514 in dash double deck touch screen DVD player. I also bought a rhino lined sub box that was much smaller than the previous sub box i had due to the fact that i had to shut the trunk on the previous sub box. Next I took it to a shop to get it tinted. It's 20% on the front and 5% on the back. The last thing that i did to it was put a K&N filter in the stock air filter box. Im not really sure what i want to do to it next, but im either gonna put a cold air intake on it or borla exhaust. im leaning more towards the borla exhaust
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