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  • george hunt
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  • Male
  • Ethnicity
  • english
  • Education
  • 2 year j.c.
  • Occupation
  • retired heavy equip operator
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  • guitar-cars-motorcycles-fishing
  • Favorite Car
  • one that does not have a c.e.l.
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My name is George and i have owned my Scion T.C. for about a month. At first, i really liked the car but a c.e.l. came on shortly after i bought it and the prior owner would not own up to it. Anyway,i hope to fix it because i do like the car for a lot of reasons.
Maybe with the help of some of the other Scion owners i will be able to figure out the problem and get my car off of the "non op" status and back to a car that does more than just sit there and cost me money !!!
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