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  • 2006
    Scion tC
  • 2011
    Chevrolet Cruze
  • 1986
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo
  • 1979
    Ford Mustang
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About CadenceScion
  • Name
  • Scott
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Ethnicity
  • White (Greek,Italian,Scotish)
  • Education
  • High School Diploma (Class Of 1998), Some College
  • Occupation
  • Advance Auto Parts
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  • Sports, Computers, Coin Collecting, Baseball Memorabilia, Video Games, Movies, Music, Car Shows/SPL Competitions, Drag/Road Course Racing
  • Favorite Car
  • My 1986 Monte Carlo SS, Scion tC, Scion FR-S, Mitsubishi Evo VIII/X, Chevelle/Nova SS, Nissan Skyline GT-R
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More About CadenceScion
Name: Scott
Age: 34
Zodiac: Aquarius
Nationality: Greek/Italian/Scottish
Relationship Status: Single

** If anyone has any questions/concerns pertaining to L.E.D./Neon Lighting or Stereo Systems, or your just looking for modifications and can't find them, send me a PM!

I am usually online, friendly and always willing to help where I can, got a question, ask ME!

* When installing LED bulbs into your turn signal lights, you'll need a set of Load Resistors to prevent hyper flash.

* Everyone has their own way of modifying, there is no right/wrong way, nor is there a manual that states otherwise. If you don't like someone's opinion or ways of doing things, grow up and get over yourself. We're not here to entertain your stupidity and immaturity, take your ASSumptions and Ignorance elsewhere!

Vehicle Info:

2006 Scion tC (touring Coupe)
Color: Azure Pearl
Engine: 2.4 L / 16 Valve DOHC L4 -(2AZFE) VVT-i = Variable Valve Timing w/ Intelligence
Purchaced New or Used: Used
Displacement: 2,400 cc
Compression Ratio: 9.6:1
Horse Power: 161+ @ 6,000 RPM's
Torque: 163 + Ft. Lbs. @ 4,000 RPM's
Redline: 6,200 RPM's
0-60mph: 7.4 Seconds (Approx.)
Transmission: 4 Speed Auto
Curb Weight: 2,970 Lbs.
Turbo or N/A: N/A
Fuel Economy: City - 23MPG /Highway - 32-33MPG
Fuel: 89 Octane/City 93 Octane/Highway
Oil: Mobil 1 5W 20 Synthetic w/ BG MOA Oil Additive
Oil Filter: K&N

Best 1/8 Mile Drag Times:

Best Reaction Time - .5041 (IHRA Tree)
Best 60 Ft. - 2.4452
Best 330 Ft. - 7.0463
Best 1/8 Elapsed Time - 10.8502
Best MPH - 65.68

Car Show Trophies/Awards Won: 38 (See my Galleries)

My Car Detailing Products:

Car Wash Soap - Meguiar's Deep Crystal Car Wash Soap
Cleaner Wax: Meguiar's Cleaner Wax
Polish - Meguiar's Deep Crystal System Polish
Wax - Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0/Mothers PowerBall 4Paint
Rims - Mothers Chrome Polish/Mothers PowerBall Mini
Tires - Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Spray
Interior - Armor All™
Windows - Stoner Window Cleaner
Other Products Used - Mothers Clay Bar Paint Saving System, Meguiar's Quik Wax, Meguiar's NXT Generation Speed Detailer, Meguiar's Hot Rims™

Contact Info:

AIM: UEGrad98
Yahoo Messenger: Carshow_Freak95
Cell Number: (607)321-5649 or Txt Me

Car Clubs/Affiliations: (Moderator)

CadenceScion's 1979 Ford Mustang

1979 Ford Mustang

  • Last updated: December 16, 2013
Car Details
  • Horsepower
  • 450
  • Weight
  • 3000
Car Modifications
1 mods
• 429ci BBF
1 mods
• C6 with Gear Vendor Over-Drive
2 mods
• 3" exhaust with Bullet Mufflers and Super Traps
• Hedman Headers
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Ford rides and Ford Mustang rides

Club Scion tC User Comments

  • cano8907 @ Jun 05, 2014 5:26AM

    Nice ride 5*

  • tcpowered @ Aug 28, 2013 2:12PM

    yea dat a keeper

  • pablo86 @ Jul 31, 2013 3:40PM

    yea man no prob ill vote as soon as i get on home computer no fb at work

  • pablo86 @ Jul 31, 2013 2:29PM

    diggin the monte carlo bro!!!

  • rade @ Jul 20, 2013 11:40AM

    hey, do you think snipping the wires would take care of the unit that mounted under the dash?

  • LiLee @ Jun 29, 2013 11:32AM

    to be honest... i thought you was DEAD since you don't say hi to me anymore. lol

  • LiLee @ Jun 29, 2013 11:11AM

  • imports4life @ May 29, 2013 4:36AM

    quick question, I'm hooking up a sub in my tc, is it ok to route the remote and power wire on the same side of car? I know your not suppose to route the RCA and power on the same side but I'm not sure about the remote wire. thanks

  • AnotherDude @ Apr 01, 2013 12:47PM

    What up! Hey, 6x9s in the rear or 6.5"? I want them to act like mini subwoofers, already have Kenwood components in front, probably going to get matching Kenwoods in the rear but trying to figure out which would work out better for bass output.

  • ROJO @ Mar 23, 2013 10:45PM

    Tint the windows!!!!!!!

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