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New Server Online!! - Slowly migrating services to it.

  • Posted by SqMK
  • Date:
With the help of good buddy Tony over at RealmWorx, I finally had the time to head over to an Atlanta datacenter and get CSTC's new server online. Tony helped me get our server in his rack, and he had a buddy of his get the server online and talking to the internet. We've had the server sitting around at the office for a little over a month, and now that I have time to work on things again, I can invest the time to get the entire off this crumby server and onto our very own. Here's a run down of the good things that come out of this:

- This is our own server/hardware. We have physical access to it, can upgrade it at will, etc. If anything ever happens to the datacenter, we can simply uproot the machine and move it to another.

- The newer server in question is significantly faster than the one we are renting.

- The cost of maintaining and running the newer server will cut our costs down as well.

- The datacenter is located in Atlanta, and is about a 15 to 30 minute drive from my place in Buckhead.

- Upgrading the newer server will be cheap and easy. For any reason we need more drive space or memory, I can run over and throw new hardware in at will.

- Getting more machines is a possibility.

Now, just because the new server is online doesn't mean we are fully running on it yet. The only thing I've gotten moved over is our caching server, which no longer runs on our older server. Unfortunately, this may slow down the site until everything is moved to one location, but doing it now makes things much smoother in the future. By the end of the night, more services will be migrated over to the new box.

Now, because we are finally getting back into things, we are looking for donations to offset the obscene amount of money we are investing into the site. I have plans on having 'premium' accounts soon for those who donate, which basically amounts to additional site features, discounts on site products, and possibly some cool benefits to vendors (if you happen to sell products). If you are interested in donating, send me a private message ( sqmk). Any amount gets us pretty far, which means paying for bandwidth, new servers and hardware, etc. Don't worry, we'll try to make it up to those who donate.
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