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CStC Reboot

  • Posted by SqMK
  • Date:
Please accept my sincere apology for being so out of touch with Club Scion tC and the community. It has always been my intention to focus on management and development of the site for the last few years, and with numerous life changes, haven't been able to follow through with my promise.

I would like 2016 to be different. A new reboot is planned for the site. My plan is to move from Club Scion tC, to Club Scion, opening the community to all Scion models. I would like to focus on community, car profiles and history, amongst other things. Rather than promise a set of features, I would like the community that has long backed this site to decide the fate of things going forward. The reboot won't be an overnight thing.

As a start, I created a brand new Discord server. This is a community chatroom that I plan on temporarily keeping up during the reboot of the site. Discord offers a desktop app, as well as iOS and Android apps. I plan on keeping fairly active on this system, and would love to get live feedback and discussion around the reboot. To join our Discord server, please click the link included in the end of this posting. I'm also taking suggestions via CStC private messaging, and will be creating a new forum thread shortly to gauge interest.

Join the CStC Discord Chat now!

Thank you for your continued support!
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