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ABS light on speedo not working

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    i have a 2014 scion tc recently the speedometer started going crazy sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt sometimes it just pegs out was having the same problem with the RPMs as well but that seems to of worked itself out and recently the ABS light came on as well i plugged in a scanner and got the following codes
    C1210-zero point calibration of yaw rate sensor undone
    C1336- zero point calibration of deceleration sensor undone
    C1405-open or short in front sensor RH circuit
    C1413-front speed sensor RH circuit output

    not quite sure what they all mean or exactly how to go about looking into each one and could use some help thank you
    ok.. so you're new here, welcome to cstc.. but your name is sweatypajamas? Are they really sweaty? If they are, you might want to wash them! lol

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