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Might sell stock wheels and tires

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    So i have been riding on my stockies cause I really needed tires on my rims. Well today I got new tires put on and the tech who did it asked me if I would sell my stockies with the tires. I planned to keep them just incase I need them, but now I am considering it. My questions is all 4 rims have rash and the tires have about 50% tread so how much should I sell them for?
    I personally wouldn't pay over $150 for stockies in mint condition w/ good tires.... But, that's just me.
    its all up to what you want to do... I personally would simply ask what I thought would sell/what i am willing to take... worst case senario, you lower the asking price a little. But if no one will buy them for a price that you are willing to take then just keep them.
    I would say $150-$250 depending on what tires are on them. Curb rashed probably puts them closer to that $150 mark, so make sure it's worth it for you to sell them at that price.
    I guess I will ask him what he is willing to pay. I like the idea of having my stockies that I can use as a back up incase something goes wrong ya know. Plus tires aren't cheap for my AM rims either and if I don't have the cash to replace them when I need to, at least I have a fall back. In order to make it worth my wild, I would want like $250 for them but I will have to see if he is willing to pay that much. Thanks!
  • 5 posts
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