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‘15 Scion tC randomly stopped accelerating! HELP PLEASE! :(

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    Hi first time posting. So I have a 2015 Scion tC and I recently just had my serpentine belt fall off due to the “water pump piece”, the one that’s literally in the middle of the belt kinda near the tensioner I believe, anyways I had both the belt and that one piece replaced and it was driving beautifully! But now, while driving on the freeway, my car just randomly stopped accelerating out of nowhere, then I noticed the check engine light came on. Right now it still cranks over and sounds like it’s going to start, but it doesn’t :/. Please help anyone.
    sounds like you need a good in-person mechanic/technician to look at your car. No amount of guessing on an internet forum is going to repair your engine. Yup, good old fashioned work in person will do the trick.
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