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Main Shifter Cable Bushing

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    Recently decided to get an under the hood short shifter locally from a used part out. While doing the job I quickly realized I was not gonna be able to use my oem shifter bushing. I searched for a quick solution but couldn't find anything local, and had even more trouble just trying to find an oem bushing online.
    So I did what any other person would do, use my lathe to make a custom solid bushing. I first started with measurements, here's what I came up with:
    Total height - 14mm
    Height from top to stepped edge - 9mm
    Large OD - 26mm
    Small OD - 22mm
    ID - 8mm (may be just a tiny bit small for a tighter fit, maybe 7.8mm, standard may fit better)

    So I made an aluminum bushing and it fit great but it wasn't what I wanted, I wanted tighter. I didn't take measurements there. But I will pull it out sometime this week to get exact measurements on the plastic one I made instead.
    In one of the pictures it shows total height 15mm, THIS WILL BE TOO TALL
    Here is some pics of the metal bushing, I will do it again with the plastic bushing I made
    thanks for contributing that to the forum! that's awesome!
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