I saw a great DIY on ScionLife for this and am going to try it myself. The overall process does not look hard at all and since I've removed almost everything other than the transmission in that area, I already knew the tools I would need just from looking at the images. I'm not going to go crazy, so I'll get a light weight flywheel and just an OEM clutch/pressure plate assembly with throw out bearing and a new clutch fork. Once the transmission is remove, I am going to replace the fork and throw out bearing, because I have a sneaking suspicion that the squeak we hear is coming from that bearing.

I'm going to replace my slave cylinder next weekend and get the Speedsource extended pushrod. My clutch pedal seems to require a further distance now to fully disengage the clutch. I know this may be a sign of the clutch master cylinder as well, but my pedal springs back up firmly and still feels as solid as when I bought the car new. Our slave cylinder is easy to access and I have a pressure bleeder, so that's no biggie.

I'm looking at about 360-370$ for a full, OEM assembly (clutch, pressure plate, fork, bearing) and another 275-325$ for a flywheel. My biggest saving is going to be on labor I supposed, but I'll learn how to do it on this car and not have to worry about a shop messing it up (as they did when they installed my motor.....bolts were missing and hand tight).

I'll have to hit up the dealer to see about getting new flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts.....and maybe bell housing bolts, as I suspect I will find 1 or 2 missing from the motor install (a**h*les). My brother in law will help with the transmission lowering, as I'm sure it's an awkward 40-60 lbs of metal. I've heard of too many problems using aftermarket throw out bearings where they are too small for the output shaft and lock up, so OEM is good enough for me. 181K on my current OEM setup, so I plan on keeping the car maybe another 2 years......that clutch should definitely last through my next 2 years with my current driving habits and techniques.

***Just sent Koon's Toyota of Westminster an email requesting a quote on a clutch replacement with all parts mentioned above. I just want to see how bad they would eat me alive for this install, because with the last head gasket replacement estimate.....I might as well have sold them my unborn child. This is not singling out Koon's for their service in general, but merely a comparison to determine what I can save compared to taking it to my local dealer and the place I bought the car.