We have been working with Competition Clutch for the past dozen and more months about getting the tC part numbers revised for success. After lots of back and forth, we have we have finally met a middle ground with the company and have gotten them to scrap the existing design all together and offer new, revised, better components all the way around.

EVERY component under-went an overhaul. The bearings no longer have the plastic collar, they are all metal and much higher quality.

The plates where designed to provide more lift and more plate load without sacrificing pedal stiffness.

The discs are as well as the hubs receive a special heat treatment to keep from expanding and contracting under heat and load (which we believe to be causing springs to pop out).

The results of lots of effort and such on their end as a manufacturer has lead to a much better part overall in our opinion; one that's comparable to Exedy or ACT.

I know there are going to be some real sour notes on this subject as we where VERY sour about this well when they contacted us about re-entering this market. However, they have definitely shown substantial improvement and are willing to take the hard road back into this community by offering HONEST, straight forward service.

Competition Clutch is going to bat for you and the Scion community by the following commendable actions:

1) CC is offering you to send in the old/defective product and they will switch out for new product at no charge. No questions asked! You are out just shipping there! (about $15-20)

2) CC redesigned the complete line-up of clutches for this applications including the following:

Stock Replacement
Stage 2 - Steelback Brass Plus
Stage 3 - Segmented Ceramic
Stage 4 - 6 Pad Rigid Ceramic
Stage 4 - 6 Pad Ceramic
Stage 5 - 4 Pad Rigid Ceramic
Stage 5 - 4 Pad Ceramic
Twin Disc

Competition Clutch is willing to invest a lot of time, effort and has already invested dollars into getting back into this community. I feel that their new, clear cut part revisions, policy changes, and their willingness to come to the fore-front with an honestly good product and no hidden punches shows they are ready for the big times again.

We here at Dezod are taking a gamble with this as well. We have continued to sell CC products on various applications with tremendous success, however for some reason the tC parts just never got off the ground right. Now, with their revised designs, and knowing what to correct with our help, I feel they have potential to offer some of the nicest and most cost effective products out there.

We are even getting them to bend a step further in case of failures (let's hope we don't have to go here), that they would help compensate on some of the labor for the replacement if all else fails. Overall, I do not see ANY manufacturer in this industry willing to go THAT far to get back into this game. So we feel comfortable beginning to help in this reintroduction.

After speaking at great lengths with CC about this market and their comeback to it which has been proven with parts sales and such....I decided to push the envelope even further for the community.

1) I got CC to offer RIDICULOUS pricing to us on ALL of their line-up for starters, which I am passing on to you fine people.

2) I got CC to warranty any old CC clutches that failed that you have in your possession for a new one with no questions asked.

3) Lower the hell out of the price for the twin disc so that more people can afford it and see how good it is compared to a single plate with high pressure load.

Mission accomplished. We have updated all of our CC pricing on our website except the twin disc which we are still working out fine details with them on. BRING IT people!

Stage 2: (80% increase in TQ capacity over stock) SAVE $89

Stage 3: (150% TQ increase over stock) SAVE $102.20

Stage 4: (max of 350ft/lbs) SAVE $91

Stage 5: (max of 450 ft/lbs to the wheels) SAVE $91

Twin disc is currently around $1200.00 and I working to get it down to around $875-900. Which if you really think about would be DAMN good. I mean, if you buy a single clutch and flywheel, you're out about that much (if not more). So, get a twin disc for those big power builds like it should be. Not to mention, it will be better all around on power capacity and such. Plus the major bonus about the twin disc is longer clutch life, fully rebuild-able (for fairly cheaply too) and less strain on hydraulics which we all know will be a pure bonus in itself.

Just followed up with CC and they are letting us go to bat on an exclusive at this deal. We are going to offer the twin for $950 retail! Insane discount and value there fellas.

I am waiting to see how many we can order right now from them. If you need one, get that order in NOW. I do not anticipate these to be sitting on the shelves at all.