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Do not buy from Action Clutch

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    tldr - DO NOT BUY CLUTCH PARTS FROM ACTION CLUTCH!! rest of the story is below..

    I tried to buy a clutch from a place called Action Clutch in Los Angeles. The "reviews" online were the best thing ever, and numerous praises of the quality. That they were hand made in a small shop, "Made in USA" all that stuff. I'm all for a Made in USA part, but it has to be quality!

    I went ahead and ordered the clutch kit, which included the clutch disc, heavy duty pressure plate, release/throwout bearing, pilot bearing and the alignment key tool. I got it a couple days later and this is when the "fun" began!

    I looked at the contents of the clutch box and noticed the release/throwout bearing box was crushed almost flat! The clutch box it wasn't damaged so it wasn't from shipping, it was smashed in there when this small shop put it in there! I thought it was no big deal that the company would exchange it for another. I moved on to looking at the clutch disc itself. I noticed that the holes drilled through the disc material were not smooth, parts of the friction material was ripped off! I examined all the holes and noticed that about 40% of them were not drilled cleanly. This bothered me because that material is going to rip off there and either get stuck on the flywheel or float around inside the trans housing, not good either way!

    The pressure plate looked good, so I decided to contact Action Clutch about these problems. Instead of help what I got was ridicule from this business. They began to tell me I don't know anything about clutches and they're the experts being in business since the 1960's (current crew wasnt even born yet). I sent them pictures of the crushed release bearing box and was told to file a shipping claim with usps! Um, wow.. It wasn't shipping damaged! They refused to allow me to get another release bearing telling me that a box that is crushed doesn't hurt the bearing. Wow, like we need to educate these people in mechanical engineering? Yeah, I think so.

    Onto the clutch disc, they refused to admit their work is sloppy and when I suggested there was a problem with the drilling they exploded as if I had lit their house on fire! They began to insult me, call me names like a child, and claiming I knew nothing of engineering (background IS engineering). They told me that I was crazy and that all clutch discs are like that. They continued to bolster their brand saying they were the "best" and nothing is better than their products. Kinda funny but also kinda sad at the same time. The arrogance level here was off the charts.

    At this point I realized I wasn't going to get any quality or satisfaction from them. I've seen many clutch discs and this was just sloppy, poor quality. I then told them I would like a refund, to which they exploded with all sorts of name calling, insulting things like "you're crazy".. etc. For asking for a refund? I was *THIS* close to reporting it to my credit card company as fraud. But then they relented and said they would offer a refund, but 20% "restocking fee". Here's the problem, that fee is not even published on their website. They threw in this photocopied piece of paper with their "terms and conditions" into the shipping box! Nothing like telling customers before they buy their return policy!

    Again I informed them it was not on their website to which I got hit with all sorts of insults and grand claims that their stuff is "the best".. See how nuts this all is?

    I held off this review/posting until I got my refund from them. No matter if it's from them directly or a dealer selling these low quality parts..

    I am here to tell fellow tC owners TO STAY AWAY FROM ACTION CLUTCH!!

    They have obviously trolled many sites recommending these terrible parts to people who come online for an HONEST review of parts. But they're obviously joining forums under multiple names trying to get more sales. When you dig for info on action clutch, which I found later, you'll see other people who have had transmissions destroyed by this junk. On youtube there's a video showing a subaru where the clutch disc has so much play in it it would've ruined the input shaft and "walked the crank". what a joke.

    so again, this is for all tc owners to know not to buy this brand of part. you've been warned. I didn't want to see anyone install this junk into their tC and then the car gets destroyed. I'm glad I examined the parts before I ever installed anything!
    Thanks for the heads up man. You should file a complaint with the better business bureau. I hate companies that don't have good customer service
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