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Manual vs Auto drivers

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    I always look at people funny when they show off their tuner/sports car and I look in to see an automatic transmission. Come on guys it's not that hard to learn how to drive a stick. Now with the exception of domestics because the manufacturers don't like making manual trans anymore for the American muscle and excluding drag cars simply because there isn't time. But for the majority it's just laziness and I don't really respect it a true sports car will always have a 5/6 speed. And all that triptronic or paddle shifting is just a smoke screen to sell the autos.
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    Get over yourself. You are so superior because you drive a stick? Well not everyone who drives an auto doesn't know how to drive a stick. Ever think of that? Me being one of them. I never got why you should hate on someone because they don't drive a manual trans. You can have a nice car and have an automatic transmission in it. Many European imports only have DCT. Now if you are building a drift car, the car better be manual. But the truth is if you are going for speed, a DCT is the way to go when they can shift in mili-seconds.
    And FYI, since you called me out on that other thread, i do infact know how to drive a manual trans. I learned how to drive in my uncles 1965 chevy stepside. And I never said I was even considering boosting my tC just to clear that up. I was just being respectful to the OP. I don't see the need for all the hate? If you have the desire to make a thread to debate it, you clearly have hate for them, so explain this to me. In the end it's not your car, it's their car so you can shove your opinion up your A $ $
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    I understand you can have a nice car with an auto I didn't say that, and I didn't call you out in any thread and sorry if you thought I had but I see a lot of people whom try to impress on a performance aspect pushing an auto and its that ricer mentality that gets me. And I disagree the only way you will reach top end speed is with a manual look at ever super bike moto gp, formula, drift, T/A, HPDE, even Nascar you don't see anyone pushing and auto. The only place I see decent autos is fully built drag cars. So please tell me again how autos are so awesome.

    Also I saw this comment that the TC manual can only hold 350hp I'm not sure but Chris Raido didn't have problems in the TC 2 until he was something like 600hp I'm not sure what the limit is on the 1st gen 5 speeds.
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    You have the same slush box as me, just you have a manual transmission slush box.
    byronthecarguy wrote:
    Holy moly ok you can boost an auto but you'll have to spend about 5k on building the thing it's much cheaper to just learn how to use a clutch lol the resin behind this is the clutch packs in an auto are not as strong as a single clutch of manual trans. The other thing is an auto doesn't go neutral between shifts and it tears the trans apart pushing that kind of power, no sure if you were going to install a 2 speed power glide it would handle the power and you can tell me how autos rule on boost all day long lol noobs with their autos make me laugh. Keep on with your slush boxes.

    Find me a comparable manual trans car as fast as This

    There is a reason Porsche doesn't offer manual transmission with their 911 turbo s. If they want to keep that sub 3 second 0-60 only PDK (DCT) Will do it for them.

    And you obviously do not understand what a ricer is .
    Once more you fail you posted a video of a fully built R8 and I'm sure that's not a stock trans. Fully built autos can run boost sure but I don't see the normal guy driving one on the streets. So now since we are back to planet earth instead of having to dump thousands into an auto to handle what a stock manual can just learn...put some effort into it. I see way too many people treating their autos like manuals and end up becoming a RICER!!
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    And since when can a stock manual trans handle 1500AWHP? Now I'm just wondering if you are trolling me. Not only are you saying
    byronthecarguy wrote:
    the only way you will reach top end speed is with a manual
    but now you are saying the only way to achieve that top speed is with a manual on a stock transmission?!?! That is just incredible.
    And yet again, you use the term ricer in a completely ignorant manner. Rice is an acronym. Do you know what that means? R.ace I.nspired C.osmetic E.nhancements. Since when is an automatic transmission a race inspired cosmetic enhancement?
    My LED lights are probably Ricer. My HID's are probably Ricer(although most 'race cars' have the JDM yellow color headlights) but a transmission is not ricer by any means. Anything you do to an automatic transmission car would be just as rice if you were to do it to a manual transmission car.
    But hey, you are entitled to an opinion and, although I don't understand all the hate towards a car simply because of it's transmission, I respect that opinion.
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    I hope this thread doesn't get removed, I'm actually learning a lot reading your replies, guys.
    Throwing in my 2 cents, here's what I think.

    My father is into older cars. Anything from the 50's to the late 70's and he'll tell you the exact make, model, year, and approximately how many were made (if a small quantity were made). But he's always had auto transmission cars. No idea why. Mom's never been into vehicles. Because of this, I never learned how to drive stick shift.

    I've always been fascinated with it, wanting to learn and drive them. Neither of my parents can remember much about driving a stick and thus wouldn't be able to teach me. The only person who I knew that ever tried was a family friend who would pick me up from school, that drove a stick. She once let me tell her when to shift by listening to the RPMs as they reached into the 6k-7k range (I think?) and made a 'grinding' sound.

    I've been well-off. My first car was a brand-new (had 3 miles on it from transportation) 2012 Nissan Versa Sedan. SV model, too. I paid half of that car off on my own before trading it in just a month ago for my 2014 tC (had 5 miles on it when I drove it off the lot.) I'll be paying for this car by myself, as well. (Not boasting here, being able to buy the car was a matter of circumstance and a ridiculously low interest rate offer that Toyota and Scion were offering at the time when I went to help my parents pick a new car)

    I had the chance to buy it as a manual. I chose not to because there was no way in hell I'd risk screwing up a brand new car. A car I consider to be a sports car. Sure, it's no FR-S but it's also not an FR-S on my wallet, either. The "Manual Shift Mode" is manual enough for me, for now. Yes, it makes me feel 'nooby' when I see someone taking off from a stop rocking back and forth when they shift gears in their 'true manual' car. Yeah, I'll never be as 'cool' at the race tracks when they offer races for daily-drivers. But it's still a cool enough car that is GREAT on the roads.

    I eventually plan on upgrading the car myself, modifying it and making it 'sportier'. I may take it down to the raceway where they let people race their daily-driver cars and see how well it does. Do a few 0-60 runs and such. But I drive the thing to college/work and back home every day. I don't need turbo in it. I don't need a manual tranny or any of the other fancy stuff I plan on putting in it.

    Hopefully this hasn't been too long of a wall of text.

    Final words:
    Completely neutral standpoint here:
    FYI, you've both been passive-aggressive. I'm not getting into any fight, just speaking from the outside looking in. Don't jump me, I'll have no part of it.

    Also, thanks for explaining what RICEr meant. I always thought it was a jab at teens/young adults modding up their Honda Civics/Accords with upgraded exhausts and HIDs, thus bashing on Japanese imports haha.
    It's really not hard driving a manual, the hard part is finding someone with a manual transmission who will let you learn on their car haha. It literally takes a few hours to get the hang of it and then just practice from there to get better at it and eventually, (I've heard), it becomes second nature. I never got to that point because I didn't have a car of my own that was a manual, but I did learn how to drive one without stalling from every stop and how to downshift properly, etc.
    btw I haven't meant to be passive aggressive, but sorry Byron for the bit of aggressiveness, I'm just trying to get a point across that a car enthusiast is a car enthusiast, regardless of wether they change gears manually or if a computer does it for them. Like I said, I don't understand the hate, and it just gets me flustered lolz I fully understand his point that the conventional transmission for a tuner car is a manual, and a manual really gives you the full experience of the car, etc. but I'm just saying manuals will never touch a dual clutch transmission when it comes to speed. Hence why all the cars in the first race of need for speed were all manuals, and all the cars in the final race were DCT exotics. (That was an awesome movie btw, you guys should go see it if you haven't already haha)
    Yeah if I had anyone that'd let me try learning on their manual I'd already know.
    I'm sorry also didn't mean to get into to it but yea that's my point the full experience, most of the people I talk with just never learned and refuse to because they just want to stick with an auto. I have seen so many people do neutral drops into "D" and shit from 1st to 2nd then drive lol when I ask why not get a manual it's always the same answer " it's too hard" it gets under my skin a little. And if more people don't learn the manufacturers are going to stop making them all together. I own an auto but it's a truck any car I own is either a 5 speed or 6 speed including my old Honda 750.
    Wow, that escalated fast. I've driven both and let me tell you, it's tougher to transition from a manual to an auto. All of your habits from driving a manual are still there, hand resting on the shift knob, looking for the clutch with your left foot, watching rpms, listening to the engine....
    I can't own an auto... It's just so...... Boring....

    The reason more manufacturers are moving to CVT and paddle shifters are so they can minimize transmission issues from people who don't know how to properly drive a manual. High end sports cars opt for paddle shifters because they're faster than manual gearboxes, but that's only because you paid $50k for a car where they can afford a better gearbox.

    The 2013 tc's paddle shifters are a joke compared to the 5 speed manual gearbox in my tc1. I can shift faster and match revs better than the paddle shifter. If you truly have driven both, you'll understand why Jeremy Clarkson always a point when he finds a car with a proper gearbox instead of those "flappy paddle shifters"
    I wouldn't own one, and yes the 2014 rev arching auto has all the auto fans thinking their buying a manual. No way can that thing even keep up with me I can stay in a low gear for a while before I have to shit so I don't have to wait for " passing gear" to actually accelerate.
    Dude, don't waste your time with this...person... He's a troll and he is getting what he wants, attention. I remember when he even posted private messages in a post trying to make a point when that is prohibited in this forum according to the rules. Luckily he didn't got banned as the rules says it is an "immediate ban". It is extremely funny that some people think that having a manual tC makes it a racing car though... LOOOL
    Dude don't be butt hurt over something that happened months ago, and don't come into my thread with it if you have something to say to me then PM me but I understand you don't want too, see unlike you I a truly contribute to the scion community be it clubs, shows, aftermarket support, information...I do it all but what do you do? Tell me I'm all ears.
    your fastest high powered drag cars out there are all Auto.. the GTR R35, triptonic Auto gear box.. same with all your exotic cars are the same.. also to mention the new WRX went to a triptonic Auto gear box too. only "cheaper cars" are staying on the manual gear box. and that one guy does have a point with how the clutches handling the power better.. but you can boost an Auto TC and be good as long as you dont drive it like a retard.

    but idk this thread seems pretty informative lets keep it that way..
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    G5-Assassin wrote:
    your fastest high powered drag cars out there are all Auto.. the GTR R35, triptonic Auto gear box.. same with all your exotic cars are the same.. also to mention the new WRX went to a triptonic Auto gear box too. only "cheaper cars" are staying on the manual gear box. and that one guy does have a point with how the clutches handling the power better.. but you can boost an Auto TC and be good as long as you dont drive it like a retard.

    but idk this thread seems pretty informative lets keep it that way..

    you're talking about cars most of us can't afford same as the other kid we all know autos r a continuous bosst but how much money would u have to spend in order to drive it like its meant too but yes i agree don't drive a a retard and u will be fine can't wait to see ur car turbo gabe
    Exactly a 90k plus car has a built transmission either way so it wouldn't matter but within the price range of under 30k is where most of us have our vehicles.
    So my cars worthless just because its an Auto? :/ better sell it and get a manual to satisfy peoples opinions
    I didn't say it was crap but don't act like its somthing else. If I had an auto I would treat it like an auto and be happy with it I wouldn't try to make it look ( or act ) like it was somthing it wasn't and I wouldn't be trying toake it into a performance machine. Now if you want a performances machine then yea best trade it in for manual.
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