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Quality brake rotors

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    I live in Canada and wondering what brand of brake rotors are good quality. Getting tired of my other vehicles new rotors warping at only 20,000 kms.
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    Dentman wrote:
    I live in Canada and wondering what brand of brake rotors are good quality. Getting tired of my other vehicles new rotors warping at only 20,000 kms.

    hey dentman.. the first thing you should do is get yourself a run-out gauge. They're called "machinist dial gauges" and then the mounting unit. That way you can measure the run-out (not parallel to hub) because the warping you're experiencing could be because of rust/gunk build-up on the hub where there brake rotor is mounted.

    here's the unit I use..

    mounting base

    Over time that rotor sees a lot of heat because of the friction of the brake pads, heating + cooling over a surface that isn't even (the hub) could cause the rotor to warp out of true (non-parallel). and you get the vibration in the brake pedal.

    3m sells a brake clean up kit that you use with a power drill. The attachement goes into the drill and these small donut scotchbrite discs attach to that. That takes off all the surface rust without damaging the hub. Clean that up, then mount the rotors, measure the run-out, if it's below the limit then you're good to go. I'll have to dig into the service manual to find out the limits of the rear and front rotors for the tC.

    the 3m kit is 3m 21758 they updated the part number so you'll find some really expensive, that's the old part, people thinking they can gouge on price if it seems "Rare" lol.. should be about $30-40 for the kit, well worth it! I've always used this kit.


    Following this method will make sure you don't have warping again.. plus with the run-out gauge it would be good to measure the hub as well.. If that is warped then the brake rotors will be too!

    once all that is done, then the brake rotors.. best ones I've found
    are the Bosch Quietcast rotors.. not expensive and excellent quality! Not only in low-run out but also in brake quality! I've found that I brake better with these rotors, I think they're telling the truth saying they added more carbon to the iron content!

    let me know if you have any more questions..
    Thanks Mich, I have a gauge that would work for that. I will give it a try.
    hey dent, no problem. I looked up the max runout for the front rotors, it's 0.002in/0.05mm (measured 10mm/0.39in from the edge of the rotor) and the rears are 0.0059in/0.15mm and the same, measuring 10mm from the edge.
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