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Cluch Going Bad at 65k?

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    I own a 2016 Scion tC mike currently at at 65k. I am having problems with my cutch in my opinion plus my ex drove it and he had initially told me “ur clutch is giving out”, he has worked as a mechanic for years. Reaction time changed it’s slower and if I push it to pick up speed even a little by the end of the drive I smell a burn kind of smell. I guess what am trying to figure out is if it’s the clutch I have to get it fixed but was wondering about replacing the original one with a high performance one. Now I am not sure if the pros and the cons am still learning about cars plus right now idk how much to expect to spend on the work. Any suggestions and advice?
    Since the clutch is a wear and tear part, it's not surprising that it would be bad at 65k miles. Typically they last up to 100k with average driving.

    My best advice is not to go with an aftermarket clutch, the OEM will be just fine and the parts are made in Japan (OEM). If you go with a brand like Exedy, they sometimes use China parts to save margin. The Chinese steel just isn't high quality as USA or Japanese steel.
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