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Scion tC throwing contradictory errors

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    Hello people!
    This is my first post, but I'll try and keep it to the point. Feel free to enlighten me if anything I say is incorrect and stupid.

    My 2005 tC is throwing both p0011 and p0012 which represent opposite things. one being that the cam shaft is too advanced, and the other being that the cam shaft is retarded. The ECU throws both of these codes while driving, but there is no sound at low rpms coming from the engine, at high rpms the left-side engine makes a rattling sound and the serpentine belt can be seen notably wobbling like it is not tense enough.

    Googling the issue says that the vvt solenoid is to blame, or that the timing belt is misaligned/getting old. I personally feel like the rattle must be either the timing assembly, broken bearings, or the drive belt.

    Any thoughts or opinions? I am a poor college student, so I don't want to spend a ton of money replacing things that aren't the problem.

    This is the first of many other problems with the car, but the previous owner said the engine was the least broken part of the drivetrain assembly so I thought it was best to start there.
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