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Code for Timing Chain Position Sensor

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    We can't get inspected until this is fixed. It has stumped several mechanics, and now another one today. Code is: P0012, Intake (A) Camshaft Position Timing - over-retarded (Bank 1). Engine light on, TRAC light on.
    It started when the dealer who sold lady friend the 2012 Scion XD changed oil free and used a breaker bar to tighten the oil filter cover. I saw it and protested. She then took the Scion for the next oil change to an Asheville mechanic who, when trying to get the oil filter cover off, used an impact driver or other tool (Hammer? Chisel?) and knocked a hole in the timing chain cover while trying to remove the oil filter cover. This was not an honest mechanic and made girlfriend pay around $1500 to replace timing chain cover. She fussed but she paid. Then the engine lights came on and code was: same as above, timing chain position sensor.
    The present mechanic, Toyota-trained, says he thinks another sensor, the oil sensor in the head has gone bad because of sludge and has caused the cam chain position sensor to act up. Somehow I have trouble both understanding this and believing it. Can someone steer me to some literature to help me understand it, and decide what to do? Thanks. This mechanic is talking thousands of dollars. I like this little car. It still runs OK but I think it's running retarded.
    Last mechanic said they had it fixed, charged $400, but the engine lights came back on before we had driven 30 miles. Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

    T H A N K S !
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