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Stock clutch

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    Hello. I have a 2007 Scion tC. I bought it and was told it had the clutch replaced by a car lot. 20,000 miles later I am pulling the trans and the clutch is toast. I don’t believe it was actually changed. How can I tell if it was the factory clutch from new or if it is a replacement. It says AISIN 6E30 on the clutch disc.
    I see the pressure plate says Toyota on it. So I am assuming it was not changed
    It does sound like that is a stock clutch. And any clutch could be gone in 20k miles if someone was hard on it! Aisin is the supplier of the transmission so it would say that on the clutch. Either way it's gone, even if it was 20k miles or original from the factory.

    to answer your question, it could be a dealer part or factory. Most likely it would have the same part numbers on it from either source. I know you were trying to see if they were lying by looking at the parts. I'm thinking if was original there wouldn't be alot of heat temp indications on the pressure plate. I know if a clutch is worked hard and abused there would be heat signatures on the pressure plate from over stressing it. If it just looks old, then it's most likely factory.

    What are you going to install to replace it?

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