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Issues after issues

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    Had my scion since 2014 bought it with 118,000 miles on it. So the other day I’m driving home an I hear a pop noise. My speedo went out along with steep an windows. Then as I kept driving the car bogged out to no power an I shut it off. Has not ran since.
    List of things I’ve done since that dreaded day.
    New alternator
    New Serpentine belt
    New plugs
    New battery
    An a new freaking cam shaft sensor (tried covering all the bases)
    Should be running right? Nope. Checked my cheap little obd 2 reader I have on my phone an it’s throwing codes
    Now I know these codes are in relation to the coil packs. So I ordered 4 densos coil packs. Installed them took that battery off for thirty seconds reconnected. Went to start the car, still will not start an threw all the codes I listed above for all four coil packs again.

    I’m at a loss. Next thing I know to replace is the PCM an I really am done throwing money at this car to get it to start... is there something I’m missing?!?! PLEASE HELP ME.
    IF you Specify the Year and Model of your Vehicle
    that would Help.
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