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05 tc major issues

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    • Sep 10, 2018 9:00:32 pm
    I just picked up an 05 tc that's turbocharged I'm new to the car scene I've been in a truck my entire life and I'm interested in what this thing is capable of , my issue is I have a slight sputter on idle and misses really bad when I get moving and occasionally stalls... New plugs and packs new pcv valve new up 02 ...its gotten to the point where I can here the pcv valve chatter really good now I'm so excited for this car I don't want to lose it and I don't want to start knocking either I really can't afford that I need help guys and Google said this is the place to go.... could a bad Wastegate be an issue the turbo kit seems a little rough like it's been through a lot I have carbon in my entire exhaust system from manifold to tailpipe I'm constantly vacuuming per the boost gauge I started at maf it's good (dies when unplugged) worked my way along the blow off valve seems a little smashed in either the inlet or outlet oil on turbo is leaking easy fix I know I'm scared a fuel injector is clogged now I'm no mechanic by any means but when I really get on it she runs impeccably boost sounds amazing but my afr is I needing a tune or is something mechanically wrong...i found no vacuum leaks anywhere I'm in need of this car really bad due to the hit in the wallet something the previous owner did allowed it to run fine even for almost a 45 min test drive. I love this car but I'm at loss on what is going on...please help me
    • Sep 13, 2018 7:14:15 am
    get a tune.. simple
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