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scraping noise after new brakes..

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    I recently did a full brake rotor/pads/shoes on my 2009 Scion tC. I also made sure to bleed out all the old junky fluid that was in the master cylinder while I was at it.

    I used Centric Rotors, Centric Posi-Quiet Pads. Everything installed pretty easy. I made sure to replace all the caliper guide pins and also used AGS Sil-Glyde to lubricate all the moving parts and contact points in regards to the caliper/pads/pins/clips. Now I’m getting a very annoying, rhythmic scraping noise coming from what I believe to be the passenger side of the vehicle. Sounds like light metal scraping noise.. that speeds up when I speed up.. slows down as I slow down.. It doesn’t do it if I turn the wheel to the right, but soon as the wheel is left or straight its there.

    The brake performance is great, way better then the rusted out junk that got pulled off the car… I don’t get any odd smells of burnt brakes.. and after a good drive, I’ve made sure to check all 4 wheels.. by feeling the wheel.. and the rotor carefully. none of them are scorching hot, hot yes.. but nothing that would lead me to believe I have a bad caliper.

    I’ve had the front passenger side pulled apart like 3-4 different times now just checking everything… Rotor is pretty much center with the caliper bracket.. the retaining clips ain’t catching the rotor, and the dust shield was bent as far away from the rotor as I possibly could get it to bend away. I also made sure to do the same to the rear passenger dust shield. still the noise is present. so It’s not the dust shield. It doesn’t happen in reverse, but soon as I start rolling forward and get over 10mph it starts to happen.

    What’s strange is the driver side is perfectly quiet.. no issues anywhere. Just this weird rhythmic rubbing/scraping noise from the passenger side.. the best way I can explain it is it sounds like pads rubbing/scuffing like a “shh shh shh” lightly until I turn left and it gets more pronounced and louder.. sounds like pads rubbing against the rotor.

    When I jack up the passenger front tire and spin it.. it's good.. when I jack up the passenger rear tire I can hear what sounds like the shoes rubbing but I thought that was supposed to happen when you adjust the parking brake?

    When I adjusted the parking brake I brought the adjusters all the way down.. pulled the parking brake handle up about 9-10 clicks.. then adjusted them until it held the rotor tight and I couldn't spin the hub.. then released the brake and made sure they weren't still held tight. I can hear slight rubbing.. and feel a little resistance. maybe they are to tight even with the brake down?

    Any idea, shit is driving me crazy.. and really trying to avoid a huge garage bill for them to diganose/repair the issue especially if it's just a simple adjustment thing or someone has experienced the same issue before on here.


    This happened to me as well back when I had my 08 tC. It does go away after some daily use. It's a coating on the pads that could've hardened up from sitting for a while. I know you said they were New, but it can still happen. Worse case scenario, look for the warranty info and request a fresh set from the manufacturer. Just some food for thought, make sure you are doing the proper break-in process when/after properly installed. Otherwise, you get squeaking and brushing sound. Hope this helps.
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    Yeah. I broke them in pretty well when I first installed them.. bunch of medium to heavy braking from various speeds between 45-60mph. I only have one small squeak coming from them but it goes away after the first time I hit the brakes. It's been cold and rainy though so I blame it on that.. And probably only driven 300+/- miles on the new stuff since installed.

    As for the scraping I figured out what's causing it.. just not sure how to approach it. It's the rotor rubbing up on the brake shoe backing plate that the shoes rest on. I've already tried putting vice-grips onto it and bending it away from the rotor, but noise is still there.. just not as much.

    I considered buying a OEM rotor but then I'll just have 2 rotors that scrape.

    I've also considered grinding the section down on the brake shoes plate or possibly just taking out the hub, removing the plate and trying to clean everything up. Centric blames my issue on rust jacking and told me do that or buy a new plate, etc. Which is like a $160 part plus having to rent a slide hammer for the hub.

    I'm thinking instead of destroying the plate with a grinder, or ripping it all apart to wire wheel on the rust and it possibly not even change anything.. I might just get a hammer and punch out on it and hammer it away from the rotor where it's catching.. but there's clearly a 2" spot give or take that's rubbed down to raw metal on the plate at about 6-9 o clock if your looking at the plate. So either the old rotor just wore itself down enough that it quit making contact or something.. noise didn't start till I put the new parts on and Centric wasn't really going to stand behind their product.. were quick to send me some PDF file saying they were aware that their rotors scrape .. weird.

    I'm driving the car still and can only really hear it when I turn left and on/off when I'm going straight. I'm not too worried about rust, etc because regardless it'll find a way to get in there if it wants to if I would just hammer that portion of it away from the rotor lip. It is tough metal though, I had a helluva time getting it to budge with vice grips clamped down on it

    Just can't really decide the best course of action because buying a new plate is more then what it cost me to do the whole brake job.. and I don't really see myself having to pull the rotor again since the shoes been replaced, unless I stretch or break the cable.

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