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tein street basis

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    i just recently installed the tein street basis on my 07 tc with brand new kyb front & rear top hat & rear bushing. i was wondering if anyone that has these used the factory oem spring seat(black rubber thing under spring sits on underneath the hat). or is this just used on oem shocks in the rear. picture is for refercence only. these guys used the coil spring seat but they only replaced the spring & kept the oem shock & hat
    second pic is oem shock & hat with tein spring

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    I would use the oem top rubber hat, it prevents road debris, dirt, etc from getting up into the shock piston. An extra measure of protection from the elements. No harm in using this again as long as it's in good shape. Which yours looks like it is.

    EDIT: Also.. make sure you have the top hat at a 23.7degree offset from the bottom mount of the shock. (use an angle finger/protractor for this) Otherwise you might not be able to reinstall the shock in the rear. Since the lower control arm mount is off by that amount from the top.
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