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just got some sway bars!

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    alright guys, and gals, i have not been on here for like almost 1 year?? haha sorry about that! but yea, i just ordered some hotchkiss sways, and they are coming in soon!!! this should complete my suspension, with springs, struts, strut bars, and now sways!! YAY for SWAY BARS!! will post pics soon when i get them on.
    Nice! You're gonna be surprised at how much of a difference sway bars make. More so than all the other suspension upgrades combined (springs, struts, strut bars)... My initial review was so so, but since then the roads have dried up and I got some better tires. I would have to say that my car is 1 of the better handling cars I've been in, outside of a "true" sports car!!!
    I suggest getting the Ingall's 4-Point Rear Brace...instead of a Rear Strut Bar!

    Having GOOD tires makes a Huge difference too!
    i got some nice tires.......forgot what they are, but they are good LOL

    and yea, i cant wait til i get the bars on!! i might make my own 4 point brace......maybe base it off of some pics, or find someone around me that has one, and get measurements off of that. *i am good with metal*
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