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There's something wrong with my ABS

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    Hello guys I'm new in here got a problem with my scion tc the abs lights is on dunno the problem the car runs and everything without a problem but I wanna find out was wrong with it I buy it like this I hear it canbe the speeds sensors but I find out other thing under the hood the abs module got a crack in the back plastic cover that could be the problem please help!! Me thanx
    check the brake fluid
    just try and the abs are not working..
    did u try bleeding the brakes? U may have air in the line...
    But that will make the abs light come on I hear when problem like fluid and pads the brake light will be on p
    check the abs wires in your wheel wells. there maybe an exposed wire if you rubbed with the inside of your tire (especially if you're lowered).

    Check your fuses, maybe as simple as a blown fuse.

    Go to a local shop you trust and have them bleed the entire system, you may have air in the system like said above.
    The crack in your ABS module is a big deal. Better take it into the dealership
    Check all the fuses and all the abs sensors and nothing the cluster works fine
    But if it's the abs controller I don't think that cluster will work
    My speedometer dont work and i have the abs ligh on also bt they told me the speed sensor is not working i went to a shop and said is THE ABS MODULE.

  • 11 posts
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