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Hotckis Springs

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    wow, i was just about to order the H-Tech Springs, so I take it I-m gonna have to wait?...I-m thinking bout these now TRDSparksHotchkis Tuning Sport coils offer the performance you seek, and the comfortable ride you deserve. Made from cold wound silicon steel, Hotchkis springs are linear rate, powder coated seabring silver and include polyurethane bump stops. The rides is a little firmer than stock and retains excellent ride quality. Best when combined with our sway bars.Front 1.7- (43mm) Drop 175 lbs/in (Stock 150 lbs/in) Rear 1.97- (50mm) Drop 285 lb/in (245 lbs/in)Free shipping to the contigous 48 states.But doesnt that make the rare lower then the front??
    Thats how all springs are, lower in rear than front.
    ZodTc: Actually Hotchkiss is the only company now that is making the set for the Tc that is lower in the rear than the front. S-techs are 2.5 and 2, H-techs are 1.9 and 1.4, TRD are 1.5 and 1. Hotchkis says that this makes it an even on the rear since the rear is higher than the front. Although they haven-t answered what will happen if you put more audio and or bigger people in your rear area yet.
    I liked the Hotchkis but because of it being lower in the back, I-ll probably go with Teins. I measured the height on the front and rear of my car and they are already the same. The car might look funny if I put the Hotchkis since it will be lower in the rear. It will be worse if I have passengers riding in the back.
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