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    so after reading all the info on suspensions, am i to believe that it doesnt matter where i start with regards to the sways or coilovers? should one or the other be done first? i am a spirited driver and some autocross looking for better handling before i add a bunch of performance mods. especially before rims and tires although the xxr wheels make it very hard!
    Upgrade your rear sway bar and get an engine strut bar. I would also suggest lowering springs, aftermarket struts and if its in your budget, buy a set of fully adjustable coilovers. Other members may also suggest buying the Ingalls 4-Point Strut Brace. You'll also need a 4 wheel alignment after lowering your ride.
    I think you can start either way.
    If you start with sway bars it will stiffen the handling, but not change the suspension firmness. The cornering will improve with sway bars. then you can select the springs and shock combo you wish to go with, unless you have a coil over combo you want to go with.

    If you start with springs you will lower center of gravity and stiffen the springs, but it will be improved and you will definitely enjoy it.
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