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GodSpeed Coilovers

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    Hi guys. It has been a while since I've posted something here. I finally got myself to buy coilvers. I got these Godspeed from Amazon.

    Shipping was fast enough and they arrived in top condition.
    These guys come with 16 dampening adjustment and camber plate adjustment. Everything looks very sturdy and well put together.
    I am going to have these installed hopefully over the weekend and will report on ride quality.

    I don't plan to slam my car. 1 inch is what I am looking for, maybe 1.5 since I only drive to school and work and the road is pristine in these areas.
    If anyone has any input on the dampening adjustment or camber plate adjustment please I am all ears. I am not sure if your regular alignment place will know what to do with camber plates.

    has anyone here heard of this brand of coilovers?? Any help?
    I got them installed yesterday and today did some adjustment to the height. I want to give first impressions after driving with them today.
    Disclaimer: I am not a fast driver, nor do I track my car.
    I come from your el cheap-o shocks sold on Autozone (Gabriel to be more precise). Also I only dropped 1 inch from the stock height.
    The ride is as smooth as it gets. It is way better than my previous setup, I can feel the road, but not as much to be uncomfortable. Ride feels more firm when turning, accelerating and braking.
    As of right now I would definitely recommend these for daily drive, I have them on the hardest option on dampening so it can be smoother. If you need them for track or fast driving I can't comment on that. All I can say is they are very good, easy to install and easy to adjust.
    All the height adjustment is done to the strut and not the spring so I am riding on the preload that came from the factory which seems pretty good at the moment.

    My alignment is still in good shape, it may be because the drop was very little. I plan to lower 0.5" in the future and get an alignment then.

    Feel free to ask any questions I will upload pictures soon.
    I am debating between these and tein. Like you, I don't drive crazy and don't track the car. Its my daily driver for school and work but the roads by my school are terrible. I am not looking to drop more than 1.5-2 inches at most. how do you like them? I noticed it will be a year since you had them soon.
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