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2 questions about TC2 suspension.

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    So first off, I just lowered my car on Sportlines a few days ago. I am getting a clunking sound coming from both fronts. Here is my new the bumpstops that come with the springs need to be cut? I have been told that they may be hitting the strut mounts.

    Also, I eventually want to get Tokico HPs for my car, but there aren't any listed available for the 2011-12 model TCs...does this mean that the 1st get TC Tokicos are not compatible?

    I have had 2 experts go throught the suspension today so far with no luck on the weird clunking issue.
    So anything from the 1st gen won't fit.
    So don't try.

    Second, If you are getting a "clunk" sound and two "experts" can't figure it out, there not experts. Take a look to make sure the spring is seated correctly. If it is, make sure you have all the bolts Tightened to tourqe specs.
    I had the similar sound on my tc1 when i installed my S-techs, the problem was that my "stabilizers were loose" the mechanic tighten it and the sound went away.
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