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Parking Brake Problem

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    These parking brakes are practically useless. I park in my driveway everyday and even with the the e-brake pulled up as HIGH as it will go, my car still rolls about 6 inches backward before coming to a stop. I find this to be rediculus on a brand new car! anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it, or tsb or anything? thanx
    You can adjust it yourself, it-s possible that the parking brake wasn-t completely adjusted properly when you got the car. I doubt that the internal drum parking brake mechanism thinger inside the rear brake apparatus is worn down already...if that ever happens......
    The factory service manual says that the the parking brake adjustment should be set at 5 to 6 clicks up from it-s fully retracted position. If you-re able to get more than 6 clicks on a very firm pull up then you need to get it adjusted.
    Sounds about right....I just don-t know if the tC parking brake is adjusted from under the car or right behind the lever beneath part of the center console.
    I rechecked the service manual and can-t find the 5-6 click callout, however I found another spec that says -Parking brake lever travel at 44.1 lbf = 6 to 9 clicks-. Guess you could use a fishing scale to measure the 44 lbs.When I put the trd springs in I thought I saw the adjustment under the car on the parking brake bellcrank just forward of the rear suspension. I went to go peek under the car to check it out but it-s so low now I can-t see a thing.
    thanks for all the help guys! I am close to a service so i will just put it on the list of other things for them to fix! Thanx again.I have also found that backing my car up my driveway is way better. The parking break grabs way better.
    What the hell? You-re serious? Then I think they-re something wrong with your actual parking brake aparatus.......the internal drum inside the rear brakes. I don-t think a loose parking brake cable would cause it to grab one direction better than the other.... go yell at your dealer!
    Is there any way to tighten the P-brake cable so it engages in less clicks? It takes 7-8 for mine.
    oh ya forgot to tell you all this. I went to the dealership and i told them about the problem about my car rolling back on a steep hill when i took it in for the first oil change. The mechanic told me instead of him messing with it to just jerk up the parking break real hard a few times while sitting in traffic or on flat groung and that should tighten it up. So i tried this and it still hasnt tightened and my car still rolls a few inches before the break actually grabs on my driveway.
    should be 3 clicks. That-s what the MD inspection looks for in the MD inspection. New car does not have to be inspected but I assume it-s the same requirement. Dealer can adjust this easily. Brake + leave in 1st or Reserve gear ought to stop the car dead on it-s tires.
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