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    JDM? SPRING TECH? Tanabe Sustec ??
    TEIN?? H&R??
    KSPORT? CM? Evotion?
    Intrax?? Intrax says they are the best...

    So many springs to choose from... Who has the best? Please help me decide before I buy... Who has the lowest drop? All I have seen is 2.4inches Front, 2.0inches Back...
    You will find most of the people on this forum have either Tein or TRD. Both of them have heard nothing but good things from.
    Tein sTechs are the 2.4 front 2.0 drop and is the lowest for just springs. I would go with the sTechs cuz it looks really nice. The quality of all of those brands is basically similar so you should buy based on how much the ride height is lowered...
    That kinda drop wont affect most body kits for the TC will it Is that to low of a drop
    If I were getting a body kit I definitely wouldn't go with sTechs. Some body kits lower the car as it is and with that low of a drop you are asking for trouble in my opinion. I would get coilovers if you can with a body kit, or just get a more modest drop like the TRD or Tein hTechs...

    Unless the roads/driveways/etc near you are pretty much flat and perfect I wouldnt go with a drop like the sTechs. I mean the sTechs are basically the lowest that you could drop the car without running into problems. The back is plenty high but the front sits about 4-5 inches off of the ground I believe...
    I'll just drop it and say fuk the body kit and its extra weight
    I put an Eibach sportline kit on mine which is the 2" drop and I also have the Scion body kit on mine. It looks great! The top of the wheels are level with the bottom of the fender. No clearance problems and was simple to install if you have access to a spring compressor. Two hours and I was done. Get a front alignment bolt kit from them too so that you can get it aligned back to factory specks. The rear has enough ajustment in it so no rear kit is needed. Well worth the time and money.
    Should I get my springs from ebay?
    Harshaw wrote:
    Should I get my springs from ebay?

    Hummm??? :? Ebay and springs??? Its up to you. Im sure most things sold on ebay are legit but lots of people get screwed on Ebay and there was a dilemma of fake Tein S techs being sold. It's a toss-up and i could tell you i wouldnt do it if i were you. Even though Ebay has some good deals here and there, chances are you are going to get what you pay for. I would shop around and find a company with a good price for what you are looking for so that way if anything is not satisfactory you can hold them liable for it.
    i cant find any stores near me that sell Tein S Techs...
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